Tuesday ambiguity

Written By: admin - Jun• 30•09

Are these quotation marks or just… graphical exuberance?


Monday doubleshot!

Written By: admin - Jun• 29•09

Seriously, peeps, this one’s better than espresso.

Before I begin, let me just state that I am proud of this fine grocery establishment for attempting to encourage its customers to go green.  Even if the point is also to sell cloth bags.  That said…

First we have the sign as a whole:


So, let’s see.  We have some bizarre capitalization, multiple (incorrect) iterations of “reuseable,” and… whatever that is going on with that letter “r,” there.

And further down the list, we find this:


Yes, that’s right.  “Less trips to the car ‘unload’.”  Obviously the first bit should be “fewer,” but I am not sure what’s going on with the unload stuck on the end, or with the random quotation marks around it.


Tuesday: existential crisis

Written By: admin - Jun• 16•09

From Jessica:  “I’m glad to have been wished a good morning . . . that is, if I am who I say I am!”


It’s also worth noting that Jessica signed her submission e-mail thusly:


This is either a calculated attempt to drive me nuts, or a subtle hint that Jessica has been replaced by a Pod Person.

A new take on bathing

Written By: admin - Jun• 09•09

I snapped this photo because of the happy misuse of quotation marks.  But the more I look at it, the more disturbed I am just in general.  It’s… a skin towel?  But only a “bath towel”?  The towel did have a fabulous zebra print to it, but I’m pretty sure it was made of totally synthetic fibers, and if it were made of skin I don’t think I’d consider that a selling point.  Weird.


Wednesday Twofer

Written By: admin - Jun• 03•09

The dreaded grocery-store bakery strikes again.  I was so excited about the “grad’s” that I almost missed the gratuitous quotation marks!


Actually, it’s pretty cool.

Written By: admin - Feb• 26•09

When you “warn” people that you have ESP, you totally can’t eavesdrop on their thoughts the same way.  It’s kind of counter-productive.  So I’m not sure what’s up with this sign.

You are getting sleepy...

I believe the term we’re looking for here is “hot mess”

Written By: admin - Feb• 25•09

I don't know where to start.

Seriously, Reporter #1, you want my blog?  You gotta stop sending in great submissions AND great titles!

Until Circuit City goes out of business…

Written By: admin - Feb• 24•09

…after that, it’s all fair game.

Smile!  You're "on" camera!

Sarah found this.  Since she also wrote the title, I’m guessing she found it at a Circuit City.   It’s a lovely find, with a less-than-inspiring “slogan” in quotes, and a rampant abuse of my beloved ellipsis.  I’m also a little weirded out by “don’t even think of it,” which is technically correct but still seems a bit stilted.  I would have gone with “think about it.”  Comments?

P.S. confidential to Sarah:  your new name is Reporter #1!

A new RPB member reports!

Written By: admin - Feb• 23•09

My father (whose last comment on this blog was “You have a blog?”) actually sent me a submission from his phone today.  I cannot express my glee.  Or should I say, I “cannot” express my “glee”?


Let’s play “count the errors”!

Written By: admin - Dec• 05•08

How many errors can you spot?  First-time RPB-er Marjorie found this, and now my head is spinning!   Apparently Jim Lee has fabricated (to use the Trendy Word of 2008) a tale entitled “Telling Time,” but there are so many other things going on here…


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