Harvey Dent adult video?

Written By: admin - Sep• 07•11

Reporter #1 would like to explain to you why she’s bummed by this headline.

I feel really sorry for this kid. I mean, it’s bad enough that (s)he’s two-faced, but to then have both of those faces used in porn? That’s just like adding insult to injury.

Screen shot 2011-09-02 at Sep 2, 2011 at 9.42.25 AM

You know, dearest Reporter #1, the plural here doesn’t necessarily mean two.  It could mean many, many more.  Like twelve.  In which case, this kid would be able to declare “My sides are many, my angles aren’t few.  I’m the Dodecahedron, and who are you?”

And on that note, I hereby dedicate this post to our newest reader Milo, whose parents gave him an awesome name, and who will, I hope, never be bored.

Wrong, and inconsistent to boot.

Written By: admin - Aug• 26•11

Sometimes I censor the phone numbers and other identifying information in the pictures you guys send me.  In general I don’t think it’s my place to subject local businesses to the potential craziness of the internet.

Big guys, however, are fair game.  And New York’s Lehman Center is pretty big.  If Roberta Flack is going to perform someplace, that place probably has the budget to run its signage past first-year English majors, you know?

This picture was snapped by an anonymous RPB elf.


Old Navy brightens up your Thursday!

Written By: admin - Aug• 25•11

Thursday: the day when the weekend is so close, yet so far.

Sort of like the punctuation choices made by Old Navy!

Check out this fabulous Yahoo! article to brighten your Thursday.  Hint: apostrophes.

Oh, okay, here’s the screengrab for posterity and laziness.

(Hat tip to Galen!)

Seriously, I would never eat here.

Written By: admin - Aug• 24•11

Apparently there is a ten-digit number belonging to Delivery that has been wrongly imprisoned.  That’s gotta be it, right, Lisa?

Straight-up wrong

Written By: admin - Aug• 22•11

You don’t even get to debate about this one.  To make it even more cut-and-dry, Colleen says this store got it right (or fixed it, I guess) on the door.  They just didn’t think it was worth investing in the extra apostrophe for the big sign everyone sees, I guess.

Tempting, but wrong

Written By: admin - Aug• 19•11

Apparently my father was shopping for something delectable without me.  At least he thought about me.  I’m so glad to be the person everybody thinks of when they see egregious grammatical errors.

Also, I’m not sure if my father caught this, but my compulsive Food Network viewing caused me to think “Wait, those are macaroons?”  Turns out the French cookie known as a macaron is going to be the next it thing after we all get tired of cupcakes, and that’s what this thing is.  I’m pretty sure that, Americans being what they are, we will rapidly be using the terms macaron and macaroon interchangeably, even though the latter is clearly made with a mound of shredded coconut.  So I should probably not beat my head against that particular wall.

The insanity spreads

Written By: admin - Aug• 15•11

Reporter #1’s sister-in-law found this beauty. Thanks, Sister-in-Law-of-Reporter-#1!

Move along!

Written By: admin - Jul• 25•11

There’s nothing wrong here!  Reporter #1 is  just seeing mistakes everywhere.  This obviously comes from the well-known dramatic work, Dialogue Between States, by W.P. Whoever!  See?

Vermont: I challenge you to a competition in nonsensical outbursts.  You may go first.

New York: Performance dealer!  Bo shino!

Vermont: Okay, I can’t top that.  You win.

So, see?  New York states only “Performance dealer! Bo shino!” and it wins the competition.  Nothing to see here.

Seriously, the world is ending.

Written By: admin - Jun• 01•11

Rick found this on Time.com’s website.  At the time I wrote this post, it was still incorrect.

Rick says:

I thought a publication as venerable as Time would have better proofreading, but it seems that online, nobody can see you spell… or something.  …They also misrepresented “Guido” as “Guide” but, that’s not really a spelling error.

The company you keep

Written By: admin - May• 27•11

Last weekend was Atlanta’s Annual Pigstock, a fabulous picnic for guinea pigs and their people to raise money for the Atlanta Metro Guinea Pig Rescue.  (Yes, a guinea pig rescue.  And yes, she takes PayPal.)  It was awesome.  It was also kind of exhausting, so after it was over those of us who were still hanging around went out for some refreshments.

It was already fairly apparent to me that I was in the company of Kindred Spirits.  I mean, we’d just spent hours and hours preparing for and then executing a fundraiser for homeless guinea pigs.  It’s a niche product.  But when I spotted the tragedy below that is “quesadilla’s” and whipped out my phone, one of my companions said “Oh, and did you see ‘wrap’s’ too?”


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