The right words to lead us through this land

Written By: admin - Sep• 21•11

When Kacia sent this in, I LMAO.  Not at the picture so much, but at Kacia, who said:

I was disappointed that they didn’t also advise me about Rather time, You Don’t Say time, and Well I Never time!

Hint: it’s even funnier if you hear it in Anthony Stewart Head’s voice.



Written By: admin - Sep• 20•11

Colleen submits this for your analysis:

Sign posted on our condo complex’s gate. Apparently in all 60 units there is only one owner (must be us) and our HOA president doesn’t see a need for much punctuation or a signature. But, he is a HUGE fan of capital letters (and weird spacing)!

It really is conditioning.  There’s no particular reason we should prefer one capitalization system over another.  But I am literally incapable of reading this note in a normal fashion.  In my head, it’s as jerky and awkward as it looks.

“I would, but I’m paralyzed with not caring very much.”

Written By: admin - Sep• 13•11

Dave is apparently traumatized.

Count the mistakes!  I got up to 12 completely different ones before I stopped caring.

(Click to embiggen.)


Um.  So, am I the only one reading the instructions in my head in the Buffalo Bill voice?  “It twists off the screw… it breaks off the card buckle…”  *shudder*

Among other things, this one clearly deserves a cross-post on lowercase l.  I’ll scurry off and submit it for you, Dave.  But mostly because I want to leave the room.

T.J. Maxx likes definite nouns and other things!

Written By: admin - Aug• 08•11

Not to be outdone by The Washington Post, discount retailer T.J. Maxx will see the extraneous “the” and raise us two random capitalization errors!

Thanks, Dad!

Consistency is the hobgoblin of little signs.

Written By: admin - Jul• 22•11

Total credit for photo-acquisition and title-creation goes to Reporter #1.  Just take the keys and drive my blog already, wouldya?

I think it’s probably pretty easy to explain what happened here, of course:  the sign-maker didn’t like the way the capital “I” and the lower-case “l” looked next to each other.  I’m guessing that in that font they were identical.  It’s like the exact opposite of a good submission to lowercase L.  Doesn’t make it okay, though.

Delicious, literally and figuratively

Written By: admin - May• 16•11

Happy Monday!  Ready for some post-modernism?  These come from our nearest Tous Les Jours bakery, but I’ve seen them at other TLJ bakeries around town.

It’s kind of like poetry!

GMO WTH? Wk! Day 1!

Written By: admin - Jan• 24•11

I have this fabulous mental image of all y’all spotting errors and thinking “Oo! I need to send that in to Red Pen Brigade!”  It makes me happy.  It makes me feel less alone.  So you can just imagine the warm fuzzies I got when Colleen busted out… whatever electronic device she used here, and captured a whole *series* of delightful errors for us!

In fact, she sent in five pictures, and you know what else there’s five of?  Weekdays.  So here you go, dear readers.  Five days of deliciously bizarre printing decisions, spotted at a genetically-modified organisms (GMO) protest.

Doesn’t “sneether” sound Dr. Seuss-like?  And wouldn’t “Sneether Aspartame” make an awesome band name?

The fascinating series of errors continues tomorrow!

Colleen burns out!

Written By: admin - Nov• 12•10
Colleen says she actually gave up circling things on this web page because there were just too many errors.  She elaborates:

Random capitalization, missing spaces, missing commas, misspellings, gratuitous use of apostrophe. Truly it saddens me to be turning them in, because their corn maze is amazing!

After reading their website, I’m left wondering if I receive my free child and teacher before or after the maze. Do the RVs know they own OK? Will I meet Othello????

(Click to enlarge.)

‘Cause that extra line was one line too much.

Written By: admin - Oct• 15•10

I went ahead and submitted this to lowercase L as well.  Share the bloglove!

Breaking Friday evening red-penning!

Written By: admin - Jul• 09•10

It’s not that I don’t enjoy a fully-grown modern man invoking a curse against another fully-grown modern man.  I totally do.  It’s just that this letter from Cavaliers Majority Owner Dan Gilbert seems to also contain a little punctuation abuse.

Here’s a screen-cap, for posterity (edited only for layout).  Click to embiggen.


I was going to red-pen this, but it’s more fun like a puzzle.  How many things annoy YOU, Dear Reader?

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