Seriously niche product

Written By: admin - Sep• 27•11

Apparently, Tumbleweed Pottery has done some seriously intense market research.  They’ve discovered that there are enough mug-loving cat owners whose cats are named Honey to merit a product line just for those people!


I would have bought this for my husband — or rather, I would have bought it for my husband to give back to me, because it’s his cat and she is clearly his #1.  But unfortunately her name is Ashley, so it just wasn’t going to work out.  Sad face.

It’s that time again!

Written By: admin - Sep• 26•11

State Fair time, that is!

And Kacia’s been hard at work carefully documenting it for us.  Her first Item of Business is this:

I question the amount of trans fat in the fries based on this sign. Also, we seem to be missing at least one comma. It’s like they couldn’t decide whether to format the sign as a bulleted list of features or as a sentence, and tried to combine both.


I’m with you on the trans fat issue, Kacia.  Also, I really would like to go see where fresh fries are grown.  I’m envisioning a field.  A field full of fresh french fries.

The socks, they are knocked off.

Written By: admin - Sep• 22•11

…apparently my uncle reads my blog!  And has submitted a picture! In particular, this picture!

This is a fun one to take apart.  As Uncle G. notes, “It should say motorcyclists,” but that in fact “No, they don’t!”  [Aside to all responsible motorcyclists: no offense!]

But in fact a sign saying “Motorcyclists use extreme caution” would also be… pretty random and inexplicable for a street sign.  I think they’d benefit from a colon or a font size change.

“I would, but I’m paralyzed with not caring very much.”

Written By: admin - Sep• 13•11

Dave is apparently traumatized.

Count the mistakes!  I got up to 12 completely different ones before I stopped caring.

(Click to embiggen.)


Um.  So, am I the only one reading the instructions in my head in the Buffalo Bill voice?  “It twists off the screw… it breaks off the card buckle…”  *shudder*

Among other things, this one clearly deserves a cross-post on lowercase l.  I’ll scurry off and submit it for you, Dave.  But mostly because I want to leave the room.

LMAO, thx SMS!

Written By: admin - Jun• 27•11

Sometimes Reporter #1 can’t wait to send me photos via her Compy 386, so she texts ’em to me.  And I have my SMS program set up so that it scrolls texts across my status bar, which means I read the text she sends before I can open the picture.  I’m still not sure quite what I envisioned when I read this:

I don’t know why we have no commas, inconsistent periods, or what the hell spray they are worried about.

Ayup.  Also, I’d like to point out that this appears to have been posted on some sort of kid-thingy.  I applaud Reporter #1’s child-raising style, if she takes time out of play to express her horror at incoherence.  No wonder Kid #1 is so awesome!

Voices in my head

Written By: admin - Jun• 13•11

Another random picture-message appeared on my phone from Q:

Right off the top, I’d like to offer this sign-maker a cookie for going with over-enthusiastic DOUBLE UNDERLINING instead of quotation marks.  You know some people would have gone with quotation marks, because — as Q’s venerable father said to me a few years ago — it’s what the discerning writer uses to express enthusiasm.  So, have a cookie.

Also, I can’t really explain why, but for some reason I feel like the question mark belongs here.  Read it like this:  “Girlfriend, PLEASE? This is a hairnet area.”  See?

On rights and traditions

Written By: admin - Jun• 13•11

John says it all:

That poor, poor semi-colon.

Apparently John found this in the Field Museum in Chicago.  John doesn’t live in Chicago, so we can conclude that he took this picture for my little ol’ blog while he was on vacation.  Anybody else going on vacation?  Anybody else taking pictures of errors that they want to send in to a friendly blog about errors?

Do what now?

Written By: admin - May• 02•11

Kacia says she’s confused about what she’s supposed to do if the building’s on fire.

I’m not sure this sign is even talking about that possibility.  I think it’s part of a longer treatise on what to do if a fire exit exists.  But I’m not really sure what it wants me to do, either.

Red pen, yes, but WHAT TO WRITE

Written By: admin - Mar• 30•11

You could go several ways with this one.

Men: Restroom.  Men’s restroom.  Or, you know, if it’s that kind of place, it could be indicating where one would find men, which is near the place one would find the restroom, and then you’d go with a nice comma.  Colleen feels it’s a declaration of manliness in the “we don’t need no stinking possessives!” sense.  Take your pick.

BONUS EMERGENCY RPB ALERT: No! Don’t cook the dog, Rachael Ray!!

Written By: admin - Mar• 24•11

…because every other blog on the planet has this image up.  For proper hygiene I’ll admit that I grabbed it from someecards.

For what it’s worth, Tails Magazine fixed it on their website.

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