Mein großer Gott, was ist das?

Written By: admin - Oct• 06•10

Sorry, I just felt the need to use an Eszett on the double after seeing this picture.

Q çaûght thís, ãnd İ tøtálly gét why shë wäs ûpsèt!

It’s a free-for-all!

Written By: admin - Sep• 03•10

Kacia wants you all to take a deep breath and not worry.


I mean, nobody’s getting in trouble for violating parking rules.  Not here.  So, you know, go crazy!

Danger: bored English majors will see this

Written By: admin - Jul• 12•10

Kacia says it all:

This is from a certain Midwestern liberal arts institution that may or may not recently have held a reunion. Where is the punctuation??! Apparently, parking/loading/unloading are the only forbidden  actions– anything else is perfectly fine.


And knowing which educational institution you mean, Kacia, I’d say that’s a pretty dangerous assertion!

Breaking Friday evening red-penning!

Written By: admin - Jul• 09•10

It’s not that I don’t enjoy a fully-grown modern man invoking a curse against another fully-grown modern man.  I totally do.  It’s just that this letter from Cavaliers Majority Owner Dan Gilbert seems to also contain a little punctuation abuse.

Here’s a screen-cap, for posterity (edited only for layout).  Click to embiggen.


I was going to red-pen this, but it’s more fun like a puzzle.  How many things annoy YOU, Dear Reader?

Soapbox time!

Written By: admin - Jun• 14•10

Galen says:

This is posted above the fish tank at my school. It replaced a sign that said essentially the same thing, it just didn’t have the interesting punctuation. I will say that this new sign manages to attract my attention every time I go by (but not in a good way).


So we have the obvious quotation-mark abuse, random capitalization, and one that’s annoying me a lot recently.  I see the “hyphen-preposition” construction a lot on the web, as in “log-on” or “sign-in.”  I understand that one would want to hyphenate if one were modifying a noun, such as “sign-in sheet” or “log-in process.”  But I’m far more likely to see “please log-in now,” which I hate.  And now we see that phenomenon expanding to fish tanks.  What’s next, people??  What’s next?


Written By: admin - Jun• 09•10

Ugh.  For some reason, this one just gets me going on a “state of education” rant.  It could also fit nicely into a “state of public services” rant that I’m saving for another time — okay, no, an abbreviated version: why are people making their own road signs now?  Ahem.  Anyway.

Meg got this one from her cousin.  I admit that I giggle a little on the inside every time I see a “Slow Children Playing” sign, or its cousin, “Slow Children Crossing.”  Perfect example of how a comma could fix everything, that.  But this one comes with an extra giggle.


There’s also something sweetly whimsical about how these children never, ever play early in the mornings, and are always firmly locked up by 9pm.

Monday mental exercise

Written By: admin - May• 24•10

Reporter #1 wants us all to warm up our brains this fine Monday morning with a little puzzle.

Screen shot 2010-12-21 at Dec 21, 2010 at 2.22.13 PM



Symbols that don’t make sense

Written By: admin - May• 14•10

Podcast celeb Sage forwarded this beauty:


(Click image for DetroitFunk, the original source.)

I’m not even entirely sure what category to put this one into… Thanks, Sage!

Prime error, is what.

Written By: admin - May• 07•10

And a cheerful Friday send-off.  These have been making me giggle for a while.


Firstly, we have “Prime Rose Oil,” which I just love.  But even better is this:

Why do we need? OMEGA!

I mean, it’s so cheerful you almost can’t fault it for being wrong.

Happy Friday!

Longer than a three-hour tour?

Written By: admin - Feb• 12•10

I totally didn’t write the title of this post.  That credit is due to Nosipho, who found the following and noted

I guess you can check out any time you like, but you can’t return from Shell Island until the spring.

Hotel - RPB

Score!  A punctuation error and two snazzy pop-culture references in one post!  Thanks, Nosipho!

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