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Neither I nor Reporter #1 really even know where to start with this one.  What would we do without Facebook?

Picture 2


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I’m definitely not the first to write about this, but I am the proud photographer of the following image.  This goes in the “proof that I’m not humorless about words” file, because this? Is awesome.  Welcome to the “Recombobulation Area.”

Reunion 001

I nabbed this in the lovely Milwaukee airport last week.  In case you can’t quite figure it out, it’s a pleasant area of benches and tables and such immediately after the chaos that is airport security.  I just love that in such an inherently humorless situation, someone came up with this — and was permitted to carry it out!

I believe the term we’re looking for here is “hot mess”

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I don't know where to start.

Seriously, Reporter #1, you want my blog?  You gotta stop sending in great submissions AND great titles!

Until Circuit City goes out of business…

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…after that, it’s all fair game.

Smile!  You're "on" camera!

Sarah found this.  Since she also wrote the title, I’m guessing she found it at a Circuit City.   It’s a lovely find, with a less-than-inspiring “slogan” in quotes, and a rampant abuse of my beloved ellipsis.  I’m also a little weirded out by “don’t even think of it,” which is technically correct but still seems a bit stilted.  I would have gone with “think about it.”  Comments?

P.S. confidential to Sarah:  your new name is Reporter #1!

A triple for Kroger!

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I am eternally grateful that Kroger seems to have abandoned the tooth-grinding “For Goodness Sake” as a slogan in favor of the much more literate “A Passion For All That’s Good.”  So:  yay.  But I really do think that Kroger managers should be asked to take a brief refresher course in punctuation.  Even if you choose to ignore the “Valentines” because you’re completely ignorant of the existence of St. Valentine, this one’s annoying.


Holy bilingual comma exuberance, Batman!

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Shouldn’t there be a period in here somewhere?  Or, like, more periods?  Rock on, Home Depot.

Rock on, Home Depot!

Did this pass a focus group?

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I love you, Dunkin’ Donuts.  You know I love you.  Nonetheless, I’m not sure how appetizing a flat-bread latte really sounds.  You know?

Can I get a comma over here?

Surreal or incorrect? Yes.

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Sarah says:

Poetic license only applies when the poetry doesn’t suck.  I’m looking at you, SWA.

Picture 1(3)

I don’t know, Sarah… I find it sort of charming.  At least the syllable count is right.

They disregard punctuation to keep my prices down!

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A two-bit mom-n-pop operation run by immigrants gets a lot of leeway.  An international furniture behemoth?  Not so much.  Check this out, spotted at the Ikea cafeteria while we waited for our Swedish meatballs…


(That first word is “choose,” in case that’s not clear.)

Fall Festival of Fun!

Written By: admin - Sep• 14•08

Bobby Tables’s brother found this one.


Soak it in, y’all.  The random quotationing… the possibly-unattached set after “loaf”… and yes, yes, the beautiful misspelling of “delicious.”  Aaahh.

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