Actually, we took out a policy on you…

Written By: admin - Mar• 05•10

…so go ahead and get injured. ┬áLove, the Shuttle Bus Operators.


Thank you very much for this delightful Friday homophone, Childhood Friend Katie!

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  1. DavidS says:

    Disagree. Per Webster’s 2nd definition, at

    2 : to make certain especially by taking necessary measures and precautions

  2. Childhood Friend Katie says:

    I grant you, this is from e-how, but:

    Know the meaning of ensure. Ensure means to guarantee or to make sure, safe, or certain.

    For example: Betsy wrapped the glass vase carefully to ensure it wouldn’t break.

    Know the meaning of insure. Insure means to provide insurance coverage on something or someone. Insure can also mean to make certain by taking action and precautions.

    For example: Betsy paid extra at the post office to insure the package against loss and damage.

    Decide which meaning you need to use to communicate.

    Generally, in nearly all cases, if you are talking about insurance, that is, an insurance policy, the word choice is insure.

    If you are talking generally about taking care of something or someone, the word is ensure.


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