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Written By: admin - Apr• 30•11

I’ve never done this before, but I’m going to do it now, because I’m all kinds of emotionally invested in this one. I’m going to use my grammar and writing blog for something other than mocking people’s bad grammar and writing.

This is Emma.

Emma belongs to a woman named Marsha Weaver, owner of a little business called The Cozy Cavy. Marsha makes beds and other accessories for small animals and donates a massive amount of time and money (and beds and accessories!) to small-animal rescue groups around the world.  Marsha’s also an adopter of many homeless small animals, like Emma.

Last Wednesday, Marsha’s house in Alabama was utterly destroyed in a tornado.  Miraculously, the Weavers all survived.  And they’ve even found a few of their furry friends alive, including Emma.   But many more little guys are missing or dead.  And the Weavers themselves have nothing but each other.

I only know Marsha through the animal rescue community, but I’ve been delighted to watch as that very community has come together to help Marsha get back on her feet.  She’s donated so much time and money to these little animals, and now the animals (via their people!) have the chance to give back.

If you were thinking of donating to the rescue/rebuilding efforts in Alabama, your donation to our Marsha-fund would be greatly appreciated.  (Also note that the linked-to blog is a fabulous place to drop your feel-good donations on a REGULAR month, if you like little animals…)


(And if you’d like a better-written account of the whole scenario, check out this blog!)

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