When words actually matter

Written By: admin - Jul• 06•11

Are you supposed to say “Do not interfere”?  Are they supposed to choke out “Do not interfere” in order to ask that you please, in fact, interfere?  SAVE THE QUOTATION MARKS, people.

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  1. Verdigris says:

    Maybe it’s a literary, or pop culture reference. For all I know the Top 40 of the last two months has been ruled by surprise hit ‘Speakcoughbreathe’, with its haunting chorus of “Do Not Interfere (yeah!) Do Not Interfere!”

    Or maybe it’s quoting *you*, in the future. Like, if someone else is about to perform CPR on someone audibly coughing, you hold them back and intone “DO NOT INTERFERE,” as a sort of passphrasy, ‘Will no one help the widow’s son?’ type deal.

    I don’t know exactly when I became an extraneous quotation mark apologist, but it’s nice to have finally found my calling.

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