O_o! Clearly I’m not getting any sleep tonight…

Written By: admin - Sep• 15•11

Until this very moment, when I tried to come up with a clever headline for this post, I never really contemplated the idiom I will now be contemplating all night.

I guess, if you’d pressed me, I would have supposed the idiom was written “What’s past is past.”  I always thought it was something like saying “What will be will be.”  Only, you know, past tense.

But as I went to write this post, I thought I’d better double-check that, because there’s nothing funnier (in the eye-stabbing way) than a grammar/spelling blogger messing up grammar or spelling, amirite?  And it occurred to me that it could really be “What’s passed is past” or “What’s past is passed.”  Although really just thinking about the distinctions between those two makes my head hurt more.

In case anybody’s curious, the GoogleBATTLE winner between those two is “passed is past,” at 21,600 to only 11,400 the other way.  On the other hand, “past is past” kicks either one to the curb at a shocking 2,000,000+ mentions.

So, yeah, anyway, the picture.


I don’t care how you spell the idiom, this right here is wrong.

Thanks to Nolan’s friend F.’s friend S.!

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  1. Reporter #1 says:

    That was a long and windy road to that picture.

  2. Alden says:

    Hush, you. My blog. Also, Google Analytics says I don’t use enough actual words in my posts. So why not muse out loud?

  3. Reporter #1 says:

    Oh, I was entertained. And of COURSE you should bow to the whims of The Great Google Analytics.

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