We are not alone.

Written By: admin - Nov• 21•11

Reporter #1 is vigilant.  And sometimes vigilance is lonely.  Ask Batman.  Once upon a time his world was Technicolor-ful, and he hung out with Robin, and he had all those women hitting on Man of Leisure Bruce Wayne.  And now he’s all dark and broody and I mean yes the Joker is creepy but you also have to admit that Batman is really serious.

Which is why it’s nice when we hear the occasional voice in the dark.

Reporter #1 apparently got all teary when she found this in her workplace.  I don’t judge her tears.  We all need to express ourselves more.  Except for people who can’t tell the difference between “effect” and “affect.”  They shouldn’t.


NB: Happy Thanksgiving, Americans!  More post-y goodness after the holiday weekend.  I mean, *I* will be at work as normal this week, but I assume most of my mysterious non-commenting readers won’t, so… see you Monday.  🙂

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