Heartwarming holiday special post

Written By: admin - Dec• 25•11

Here’s my thing about the holidays: sometimes they suck.  And if you’re having sucky holidays, then having people wish you happy holidays or ask what your plans are etc. can actually make it worse.

So here’s the RPB position on The Holiday Time Of Year: whatevs!  If you’re having a bad week, you keep on with your bad-week self.  If you’re having a fabulous time with your picture-perfect holiday family celebrations, props to you too.  Stuff happens and you’re not a failure if your turkey scorches or you’re eating leftover mac and cheese and watching the Firefly marathon on TV.

That said, I shall also provide this post in honor of the day, whether it serves to cheer the cheerless or merely amuse the Rockwellians among us.  Because it’s always nice when something goes right.

For starters, an example of one of my pettiest of pet peeves:

I know this is a lost cause.  I know it’s an evolving language.  I also don’t care.  Bah humbug.  So I almost kissed the waiter at this restaurant:

All right, Mr. DeMille, this menu is actually ready for its close-up!

LOOK at this.  As always, I’m okay with artsy anti-capitalization and sparse punctuation, because they appear to be deliberate and they’re consistent.  But would you look at that use of “jus” as a noun? and the lack of “au” in front of that noun?

Happy sigh.  Also, restaurant link, because links are the least I can do for this kind of excellence.

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