I’m KVELLING. (Look it up.)

Written By: admin - Mar• 29•12

Seriously, I don’t use Yiddish often, but there is no better word for what this little story from Reporter #1 did to me.  Tweaked only to change the kid’s name, because she deserves better than to be a minimized version of her mom. 😛

This evening, Reporter #1’s 8-year-old  7-and-a-half-year-old (sorry! I do words, not math!), CubReporter, bellowed from the bathroom while she was brushing her teeth.

R#1: What?
CubReporter: There’s a mistake on my toothpaste.
R#1: What’s the mistake?
CubReporter: It says “kid’s toothpaste” with an apostrophe.
R#1:  Yes, it does.
CubReporter: They made it a possessive noun.
R#1: Well, doesn’t it belong to you?
When she finished brushing her teeth, she came back to our room…
CubReporter: But it could belong to more than one kid!
R#1: Do you know how you would make it a plural possessive?
CubReporter: No.
R#1: Well, how do you make “kid” plural?
CubReporter: Make it “kids”.
R#1: And then where do you put the apostrophe?
CubReporter: *shrug*
R#1: On the end, after the “s”. And high five for your very first* submission to Red Pen Brigade.

Are you not just DYING? I have been waiting for this day since, well, since August 25 of 2009.  And yes, this error is all over Crest’s website, too.

*Of course I also have to point out that while this might have been the first error she identified herself, this is actually not CubReporter’s first appearance on this blog, as both her lovely mug and her less-lovely ceramic mug appeared here in January of last year.

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  1. Laura Genné via Facebook says:

    Give her the credit she deserves! I’m pretty sure she’s only 7.

  2. ClutteredMama says:

    As a mom to pre-readers, I can only hope & pray for a moment such as this!

  3. Reporter #1 says:

    Laura’s right. Or, as CubReporter would insist, she’s SEVEN AND A HALF.

  4. Jessica says:

    Oh, kvelling *is* the perfect word! Love it!

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