Crunchy, delicious apostrophe mutilation, and braaaaaaaains

Written By: admin - Aug• 20•12

Colleen cheerfully wrote, “A little Etsy find for you!”

Yiiiiikes. To me, the “yikes” is more about the conviction with which this is written. I will admit — nay, I willofferthe fact preemptively — that I am not good at spelling. There are a lot of words I have to stop and think about. I even replay grammar rules in my mind now and then. And sometimes, when I’m writing and I’m feeling lazy and I’m not sure of something?I don’t use that something. That’s right… I find another way to arrange things such that I don’t have to invest any further energy in determining the correct spelling or usage.

What I don’t do is blithely go ahead when I’m not sure.

I mean, they could have gone with “pizza,” you know?

And speaking of “taco’s” on Etsy — or rather a singular taco with no egregious apostrophe abuse — I am seriously attracted to the taco below.

(You can click either picture to go to the respective stores, if you find yourself in need of shabby chic housewares or crocheted zombie food. Yes, there’s zombie pizza too.)

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