The bases, they are covered.

Written By: admin - Sep• 07•12

First-time submitter (yay!) Belinda nabbed this screenshot the other day, noting that the WP tab had the correct spelling and Google… didn’t.

I’m curious about how this happened. Does anybody know if this kind of news round-up from Google is manually curated? I’m wondering if maybe the original WP publisher used “effects” and it got put in the metadata somewhere, and when it was imported by some Google-bot the headline remained unchanged even though the WP had corrected the error.

Not that it really matters! Either way, the end result is a fingernails-on-chalkboard dichotomy that Belinda was totally right to send our way. Thanks!

[Aside: in case any of my Esteemed Readers are confused about this one, it’s easy! Just remember, one of these is a noun and one’s a verb. And if you write “the effect,” you know it’s correct because “the” ends in “e” and “effect” starts in “e.” So you know that’s the noun. See? You’re welcome.]

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  1. Reporter #1 says:

    Alternatively: *A*ffect is an *A*ction.

    Unless you’re talking about effecting change or a person’s affect.

    Because English is annoying.

  2. Shannon says:

    Obligatory topical xkcd comic follows:

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