How do you like THEM apples?

Written By: admin - Oct• 07•11

First-time submitter Tom C. has finally been driven to pushing the “send” button by, in his words, the “throw it against the wall and see what sticks” strategy employed by the maker of this sign.


I feel your pain, Tom, but a little distracted by the hilarity of the fact that these… are not any of the above sorts of apples, delicious or not.

And while I’m ruminating: Kroger clearly has software for the making of signs, because across the country the signage is in the same font and on the same paper.  Could they not default-activate the spell checking feature on that software? Just an idea.

Tom says the state of spelling in the world today makes him cry quietly to himself.  I say what we really need is a barbaric yawp!  There you go, dear readers.  Go floss your mental teeth with that.

Just checking in…

Written By: admin - May• 18•11

…because the local Kroger has a personal vendetta against apostrophes, I swear.  Also quotation marks.

Am I confused, or are you?

Written By: admin - Oct• 18•10

Oh, Kroger.  Are you asking me a question or are you just really excited?

Also, there’s an apostrophe in “Hershey’s.”


I’m sorry, but we are fresh out of waldorfs.

Written By: admin - May• 27•09

A little light misspelling for a midweek boost:


The ritzy new Kroger is giving Whole Foods a run for their money.  It’s so nice, they even feature “artichoke and feta torta with carmelized walmuts.”  I don’t know if they meant “torta” or “torte,” so we’ll let that slide.  But the exotic “walmuts” sound too tasty to ignore.

A triple for Kroger!

Written By: admin - Feb• 11•09

I am eternally grateful that Kroger seems to have abandoned the tooth-grinding “For Goodness Sake” as a slogan in favor of the much more literate “A Passion For All That’s Good.”  So:  yay.  But I really do think that Kroger managers should be asked to take a brief refresher course in punctuation.  Even if you choose to ignore the “Valentines” because you’re completely ignorant of the existence of St. Valentine, this one’s annoying.


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