The company you keep

Written By: admin - May• 27•11

Last weekend was Atlanta’s Annual Pigstock, a fabulous picnic for guinea pigs and their people to raise money for the Atlanta Metro Guinea Pig Rescue.  (Yes, a guinea pig rescue.  And yes, she takes PayPal.)  It was awesome.  It was also kind of exhausting, so after it was over those of us who were still hanging around went out for some refreshments.

It was already fairly apparent to me that I was in the company of Kindred Spirits.  I mean, we’d just spent hours and hours preparing for and then executing a fundraiser for homeless guinea pigs.  It’s a niche product.  But when I spotted the tragedy below that is “quesadilla’s” and whipped out my phone, one of my companions said “Oh, and did you see ‘wrap’s’ too?”


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  1. Verdigris says:

    Bacon wrapped shrimp with sweet chili sauce? All is forgiven.

  2. Alden says:

    Yeah, the food was pretty good. But nobody escapes the wrath of the apostrophe.

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