A political liberty

Written By: admin - Aug• 16•10

I was just thinking that we hadn’t had an abuse of the word “literally” in literally an age.  So thank you, Dave!

Dave says:

Congresswoman Ros-Lehtinen has not been spotted on horseback, counting coup on Democrats, as the text might have you believe.


I’d add that “them” is not the pronoun in agreement with “representative,” but I know there are some factions of my readers who would disagree with that assertion.

Glasses so good, you won’t NEED apostrophes

Written By: admin - Apr• 24•08

I’ll let Kacia describe this one:

This mailing just has so much to offer: sentence fragments, the use of “Literally!” as a stand-alone sentence, and my favorite bit, the “Were in the same building” statement.  Well…if you WERE in the same building, where are you now?!  Apostrophes are so over-used in general, maybe there was a shortage when they were typesetting this postcard. 😉


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