Half concern…

Written By: admin - Oct• 29•15

The owners of this fine establishment concede that “4” is a silly abbreviation for a word that’s only two characters longer than the number (and zero characters longer than the number and quotation marks). They refuse, however, to make the same concession about the much more complicated word “you.”


Her voice is like a bell…

Written By: admin - Sep• 01•15

Actually, I just love that spellcheck didn’t catch this one. Nice job, WaPo.


Well, that decision was easy!

Written By: admin - Jun• 17•15

GrammarTroika Sister #2 says “Yes, but I’m not convinced you’re the best choice.”


An interesting assessment of value

Written By: admin - Jun• 08•15

My friend Casey’s mom found this at a flea market!

Oregon for sale

I will admit that I sat here for a second trying to figure out what in the picture was from or related to Oregon. Then I had a *facepalm* moment.

Oh no they didn

Written By: admin - Jun• 01•15

Happy Monday! Somehow, I imagine it was a Monday when the person responsible submitted the order for this sign — and Monday again when the printer printed it — and Monday again when it arrived and was mounted by someone who just did. not. care.


Thanks, GrammarTroika Sister #1’s friend Christen!

Be off, or we shall taunt you once again!

Written By: admin - May• 29•15

Kacia says:

<badfrenchaccent> En garde! Charcoal, I challenge you to a duel! I will burn you with my gaseous flames! </badfrenchaccent>


I dunno, I’d rather play with laser cats.

Also, hi, world! Welcome back! To me, I mean.


Written By: admin - Jun• 23•14

Jake found this one, and definitely didn’t record it with a camera or a recording device. (Bonus: nice glitter polish!)


The state of the fourth estate

Written By: admin - Jun• 18•14

Reporter #1 loves her Wegmans. She says:

Wegmans is #1! Wegmans is #1! Except maybe not? Make your headlines match your graphics, NBC! (If you watch the clip/pay attention to the list, TJ’s is the only truly national chain on the list, which I suspect is why they got the headline, but, dammit, WEGMANS IS #1!)

<takes step away from Reporter #1>


Actually, I suspect that NBC would probably stand by this one, in that “tops” is one of those useful headline-verbs that doesn’t have to mean “the very tippy-top.” It’s imprecise, of course, but if they’d said “Wegmans and Trader Joe’s top the list,” that would be correct, and expands the definition of “top” somewhat.

That said: Wegmans needs to send Reporter #1 a cookie or something.


Written By: admin - Jun• 16•14

Jake says,

I guess a company with such a liberal application of the letter “x” has to be given some leeway.


But Jake is wrong. Some errors you just can’t forgive. Or unsee. You’re on my list, T.J. Maxx.


Written By: admin - Jun• 13•14

I *hope* this is a typo, and not somebody thinking it’s correct. “R” is right next to “t” on our QWERTY keyboards, after all. But… it could really go either way.

Thanks to GrammarTroika Sister #3 and her intrepid photographer, GTS#4!


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