Her voice is like a bell…

Written By: admin - Sep• 01•15

Actually, I just love that spellcheck didn’t catch this one. Nice job, WaPo.


An interesting assessment of value

Written By: admin - Jun• 08•15

My friend Casey’s mom found this at a flea market!

Oregon for sale

I will admit that I sat here for a second trying to figure out what in the picture was from or related to Oregon. Then I had a *facepalm* moment.

Be off, or we shall taunt you once again!

Written By: admin - May• 29•15

Kacia says:

<badfrenchaccent> En garde! Charcoal, I challenge you to a duel! I will burn you with my gaseous flames! </badfrenchaccent>


I dunno, I’d rather play with laser cats.

Also, hi, world! Welcome back! To me, I mean.

Breaking news!

Written By: admin - Oct• 23•13

Happening now over here at this link!


Good job, HLN. You don’t need the comma before “Prince George,” and if we want to be really pedantic, the Archbishop didn’t sprinkle water on the infant but rather onto him. And that’s aside from the very, very obvious.

Yes. I mean no.

Written By: admin - Oct• 17•13

When I opened Kacia’s email the picture opened in a slightly-larger-than-thumbnail version and I could only see “Gyro Bar.” That made me hungry.

Then I zoomed in.


Now I’m not hungry any more.

(Okay… that’s a total lie. I’d eat some tzaziki with a spoon. But my point stands.)

You’re good enough, smart enough, and doggone it, people like you.

Written By: admin - Mar• 06•13

Your thought for today: sometimes it’s possible to spell a word totally correctly and still be very, very wrong.

Hanna B. shows us how.

Apparently this is a very common error, but it cracks me up. Maybe I notice it because as a mathematician I actually use “complement” as in “thing that completes” fairly frequently?

All I know is, I was really hoping there’d be someone standing by the table, saying, “You look lovely today!” to people who pass by.

I was disappointed.

I am extremely disappointed right along with you, Hanna.


Written By: admin - Oct• 12•12

Colleen found this at the Dollar Tree, and admits she shouldn’t really be surprised.

Okay, I’m confused. What the? Yeah, yeah, I see the typo, but what is this? Is it a sign sold to children with siblings named Bill? Does it go on your mailbox and address anthropomorphized letters? What will this artifact tell future civilizations about us when they dig it up completely intact from the landfill?

Thanks for a fun week, Colleen!

RPB principles in action

Written By: admin - Sep• 28•12

FINALLY, an RPB contributor who gets what’s actually required of the RPB lifestyle. From Shannon M.:

The Baltimore Grand Prix had lots of display booths for companies that make fast cars. Chevrolet had a Corvette exhibit, featuring a ZR-1. Sadly, it had this sign on it, so they won’t be getting my $100,000. It’d go against my principles.

Shannon, as you may know, it’s been a longstanding dream of my husband’s to own a Corvette. He’d probably tell you it was a pre-dating stipulation, actually. I’ve been resisting on the grounds that he wants a yellow one and yellow is clearly gross. I mean, if he were into something that came with metallic flake we could talk, because who doesn’t want to drop $100k on a car? But yellow, no thanks.

Dear Husband hasn’t been totally persuaded by my anti-yellow argument, though. So the greater gift you’ve given me today, Shannon, is an absolutely indisputable reason to put that particular purchase off for another couple of decades!

Also, RPBers who have been hesitant to submit, embarrassed to photograph, and otherwise generally too timid, take note. Shannon is giving up his Corvette for the cause. That’s how it’s done.

It’s not a bug, it’s a feature!

Written By: admin - Sep• 17•12

Rayanne caught this beautiful homophone mishap and sent it to me with a subject line saying “If you don’t like the music your dog is playing, just retract?”

Close reading will also reveal that “the retractable chord [sic] with let it run,” so obviously there wasn’t stellar editing going on here.

I don’t know about you guys, but the kinds of sounds likely to come out of my dogs are the kind where I want them to be on a longer leash, not a shorter one. So there’s that. I’m also not sure that either of them would consider an LED feature a reward when light will clearly make the delicious cockroaches run away. To each his own, I guess?

We take your point, but we’re still going to judge.

Written By: admin - Sep• 10•12

GrammarTroika sister #2, Shannon, saw this on her Facebook feed and sent it in with the cheerful comment “Hey, if YOU’RE happy together, F- the English language!”

I’m with you, Shannon, you know I am. But I’m pretty sure you’re not going to get super-positive feedback from your friend, you know?

Also, yes, “GrammarTroika” is a thing now. Also also, don’t click on the picture and view that Tumblr if you value your grammar-sanity. Let’s just say this is not the only picture that merits red ink.

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