Let Wegmans make you laugh today!

Written By: admin - Sep• 24•12

Reporter #1 says,

Wegmans might be the reason Mama Baldwin can’t be persuaded to leave New York, but that doesn’t mean they know how to use apostrophes properly.

Okay, don’t hate me, Yankees, but this is absolutely the first I’ve heard of Wegmans, or of the apparently controversial on-again, off-again relationship with Alec Baldwin and his mother. Being who I am, my first concern about this entity was where it got its name. “Wegmans” sets off certain bells in my head, you know? The apostrophe-related bells.

But apparently the chain was founded by two brothers Wegman. So they’re okay on that point. I mean, they would have gotten major extra punctuation points for having gone with a terminal apostrophe — or alternatively they could have gone for major humor points with “Wegmen”! But that might be asking too much. We shall just be glad they’re not committing blatant apostrophe discrimination with their very existence.

That said, my personal giggle came from Reporter #1, who added

Also, do you know how hard it is to get the Wegmans bathroom to yourself so you don’t have to explain why you’re taking pictures of the sign on the diaper stand?

Guys, joining the RPB is nothing of which to be ashamed. Go forth and photograph proudly!

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  1. Q says:

    Embarrassed? It’s these grammar-less heathens who should be ashamed of themselves!

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