Enough is enough

Written By: admin - Oct• 15•13

We all know that Facebook is not a good place to whip out your metaphorical red pen — unless you want to spend the rest of your life there and go slowly crazy. But Jake had to send this in, because when things occur this close together, it’s a sign.


A sign… of the APOCALYPSE.

Thanks, Jake!


There’s an app for that.

Written By: admin - Mar• 08•13

There’s an app for everything. Seriously. Don’t try to prove me wrong by searching for something disgusting or ludicrous, because I promise there will be an app, and then you will despair of humanity.

In addition to a lot of crazy apps, there are a lot of consumers with unfortunately low standards. In fact, in the Apple App Store, Reporter #1 found

…25,930 people who care more about what their dreams mean than about the finer points of grammar.

DON’T CLICK, Reporter #1! Run away!

At least it’s *different* wrong…

Written By: admin - Jun• 19•08

As Sarah notes:

At least this Facebook ad is CREATIVE in its mis-use of a form of “to lose” – usually people LOOSE their fat!


I’ve also decided to go ahead and add a new category!  So keep sending your facebook/MySpace bloopers!

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