More small favors!

Written By: admin - Sep• 21•12

Okay, Kacia is rapidly becoming Reporter #2! (That’s a challenge issued, Colleen. And Dad. Just saying.)

Kacia found this one on the Facebooks. I’m tagging Facebook posts now because Facebook is its own cesspool of typographic awful. You’re welcome.

Again, I’m distracted by the good in this post. I guess I’m just in an optimistic place recently! I’m just excited by that comma after “that.” I’m fantasizing that there was a matching comma at the other end. Leave me alone, it’s only my Tuesday.

(In other good news, the group in question appears to have either ceased to exist or have come to its senses, as I can’t find it on Facebook. Kacia, if you’re a member and know where they went, sent the info and I’ll linkify.)

This is why I carry a mini-sharpie. (Just kidding!)

Written By: admin - Jun• 19•08

The often-funny Stuff White People Like has a great entry today: “White Problems – Typos on Menus.” Best line:

It is the duty of every white person to correct typos. It is worth the risk of banishment to deliver proper grammar to those who need it.

I can only take issue with the implication that grammar duties are exclusively white.  It is everybody’s duty, y’all.   Grammar knows no race.

At least it’s *different* wrong…

Written By: admin - Jun• 19•08

As Sarah notes:

At least this Facebook ad is CREATIVE in its mis-use of a form of “to lose” – usually people LOOSE their fat!


I’ve also decided to go ahead and add a new category!  So keep sending your facebook/MySpace bloopers!

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