Decisions are hard

Written By: admin - Jun• 10•15

I don’t even know what this one is. I mean, it’s obviously a punctuation error, but this isn’t even a place I’d normally use punctuation, so.

Mmm ice cream.


Thanks, GrammarTroika Sister #2!


Written By: admin - Jun• 09•14

Where to start? The spelling? The punctuation? The bizarre nationalism?

Thanks, GrammarTroika Sister #2!


Fine print

Written By: admin - Feb• 21•14

First of all, I’d like to nitpick the financial argument being made here.


Let’s suppose that a beverage costs a dollar. Why not advertise this as a breakfast for $5.99 instead of one that comes with a caveat? It’s weird.

Oh, and ALSO?

  1. ELLIPSES HAVE THREE DOTS. Not five, and not two (unless it’s on the way to three). Not seventeen. THREE.
  2. You’re missing an “a” there.
  3. ELLIPSES HAVE THREE DOTS. With no spaces between them, either. JUST THREE DOTS.

I’m not even sure that GrammarTroika Sister #2 was worried about the ellipses when she sent this in. But I am. I REALLY AM.

Thanks, GTS#2!



Written By: admin - Dec• 16•13

Reporter #1 says this is a cute game that’s lousy at punctuation.


I think phone-games are right up there with Facebook on the “Don’t expect anything” scale, Reporter #1. But you keep on with your optimism.

Breaking news!

Written By: admin - Oct• 23•13

Happening now over here at this link!


Good job, HLN. You don’t need the comma before “Prince George,” and if we want to be really pedantic, the Archbishop didn’t sprinkle water on the infant but rather onto him. And that’s aside from the very, very obvious.


Written By: admin - Sep• 13•13

…it turns out there is a GrammarTroika Sister #4!! I can’t even. Why her three sisters didn’t point this out when I named them the GrammarTROIKA is the question. Demerits! Demerits for everybody!

Anyway, it’s way too late to rename them, so here we go with a submission from GrammarTroika Sister #3 (who is, it appears, actually the oldest, but was the third whose acquaintance I made, so there) as photographed by GrammarTroika Sister #4.

I’ve highlighted the obvious oops, but the rest of this pushes my buttons too. I’d like to add some commas and change some capitalization. But most of all, I’d like to point out that this sign is timey-wimey. I kind of feel like if you’re going to post about something happening URGENTLY, you might want to take the signs down sometime in the next five years. But maybe that’s just me.

Also, confidential to GrammarTroika Sister #4: Hello! And welcome to the cult!

Buy our books, we totally proofread them.

Written By: admin - Aug• 27•13

I guess because they’re out loud, you don’t need to worry about punctuation. But the difference between “you” and “your” is still an issue.

Thanks, Michael!

Blue skies, white sands, and danger

Written By: admin - Apr• 15•13

Brought to you by my father, who muses:

No really offensive errors, but an interesting existential comment on life’s struggles. Some days I feel like this should be my personal motto!

This is indeed much more peaceful than danger lasers. Also, nice selfie, Dad.

Bad science fiction? or worst job ever?

Written By: admin - Apr• 10•13

That’s Laura’s question, inspired by this exciting box of Wheaties. She explains:

I’m not sure what all-time is. It’s like a bizarre concept from some old sci fi that totally violates established, popularly known rules of physics that were discovered after it was written.

Or: we all know what part-time and full-time mean. Is all-time a job where you’re expected to work 24/7?


All-time annoys me, for sure. But a few lines above it you can also see one of my pet peeves: “10 years-old.” I see this all the time; people seem to think there’s a rule about using hyphens with ages. Which: no. You use hyphens with compound adjectives, just as “that is a 10-year-old boy.” Because it is a boy, and he is [10-year-old], as a single thing, but it’s three words so you use hyphens to keep them together. See? You don’t use the hyphens automatically because you’re talking about age. You don’t need to say “the boy is 10-years old” or “10 years-old” or any other variation of the kind. JUST DON’T.

Your zen moment for this Wednesday

Written By: admin - Mar• 20•13

I just don’t even with this one.

Reporter #1 notes “It’s not just the weirdness, it’s the inconsistency.”

You certainly have a point, Reporter #1. But it’s also the weirdness. I’m so confused. Does anybody have any light to shed on this?

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