Bad science fiction? or worst job ever?

Written By: admin - Apr• 10•13

That’s Laura’s question, inspired by this exciting box of Wheaties. She explains:

I’m not sure what all-time is. It’s like a bizarre concept from some old sci fi that totally violates established, popularly known rules of physics that were discovered after it was written.

Or: we all know what part-time and full-time mean. Is all-time a job where you’re expected to work 24/7?


All-time annoys me, for sure. But a few lines above it you can also see one of my pet peeves: “10 years-old.” I see this all the time; people seem to think there’s a rule about using hyphens with ages. Which: no. You use hyphens with compound adjectives, just as “that is a 10-year-old boy.” Because it is a boy, and he is [10-year-old], as a single thing, but it’s three words so you use hyphens to keep them together. See? You don’t use the hyphens automatically because you’re talking about age. You don’t need to say “the boy is 10-years old” or “10 years-old” or any other variation of the kind. JUST DON’T.

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