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Written By: admin - Sep• 28•12

FINALLY, an RPB contributor who gets what’s actually required of the RPB lifestyle. From Shannon M.:

The Baltimore Grand Prix had lots of display booths for companies that make fast cars. Chevrolet had a Corvette exhibit, featuring a ZR-1. Sadly, it had this sign on it, so they won’t be getting my $100,000. It’d go against my principles.

Shannon, as you may know, it’s been a longstanding dream of my husband’s to own a Corvette. He’d probably tell you it was a pre-dating stipulation, actually. I’ve been resisting on the grounds that he wants a yellow one and yellow is clearly gross. I mean, if he were into something that came with metallic flake we could talk, because who doesn’t want to drop $100k on a car? But yellow, no thanks.

Dear Husband hasn’t been totally persuaded by my anti-yellow argument, though. So the greater gift you’ve given me today, Shannon, is an absolutely indisputable reason to put that particular purchase off for another couple of decades!

Also, RPBers who have been hesitant to submit, embarrassed to photograph, and otherwise generally too timid, take note. Shannon is giving up his Corvette for the cause. That’s how it’s done.

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  1. Jen says:

    What is it with the yellow cars? Shannon’s s2000 was yellow, and he bought it instead of the pretty silver one that was also available.

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