The state of the fourth estate

Written By: admin - Jun• 18•14

Reporter #1 loves her Wegmans. She says:

Wegmans is #1! Wegmans is #1! Except maybe not? Make your headlines match your graphics, NBC! (If you watch the clip/pay attention to the list, TJ’s is the only truly national chain on the list, which I suspect is why they got the headline, but, dammit, WEGMANS IS #1!)

<takes step away from Reporter #1>


Actually, I suspect that NBC would probably stand by this one, in that “tops” is one of those useful headline-verbs that doesn’t have to mean “the very tippy-top.” It’s imprecise, of course, but if they’d said “Wegmans and Trader Joe’s top the list,” that would be correct, and expands the definition of “top” somewhat.

That said: Wegmans needs to send Reporter #1 a cookie or something.

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