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Where to start? The spelling? The punctuation? The bizarre nationalism?

Thanks, GrammarTroika Sister #2!


It’s all about intent.

Written By: admin - Jun• 06•14

This is one of the ones with which I wouldn’t be able to help myself. The door would be propped open. I’d leave an apologetic, explanatory note, of course. Thanks, Kacia!


Quick, patent this!

Written By: admin - Jun• 04•14

You ever wish you had a specific dish? Like, you never before really needed an 8×8 Pyrex, but now you kind of do? Michael Z. has the perfect tool for you: a dishwisher!


Whether it actually CLEANS those dishes is anybody’s guess.

Nice use of “nor,” though.

Written By: admin - Jun• 02•14

This is just an ugly-looking word. It doesn’t even make me giggle.


Thanks, Kacia!

Missing something

Written By: admin - May• 28•14

I know what Kacia spotted as the error here.


And she’s not wrong. But the thing that makes me giggle is that I keep reading this “come on in and have some fur.”

Fine print

Written By: admin - Feb• 21•14

First of all, I’d like to nitpick the financial argument being made here.


Let’s suppose that a beverage costs a dollar. Why not advertise this as a breakfast for $5.99 instead of one that comes with a caveat? It’s weird.

Oh, and ALSO?

  1. ELLIPSES HAVE THREE DOTS. Not five, and not two (unless it’s on the way to three). Not seventeen. THREE.
  2. You’re missing an “a” there.
  3. ELLIPSES HAVE THREE DOTS. With no spaces between them, either. JUST THREE DOTS.

I’m not even sure that GrammarTroika Sister #2 was worried about the ellipses when she sent this in. But I am. I REALLY AM.

Thanks, GTS#2!


If you say it over and over it gets even funnier

Written By: admin - Feb• 19•14

From Reporter #1, this photo and a series of philosophical questions:


Only if you’re named York? If you live in New York? What about Old York? Or just plain York?

York york york, Reporter #1.


Written By: admin - Feb• 12•14

I do think this one is sweet, actually, and not just because it deals with strawberries, which are always a good thing.


The sweet part is the sign-maker’s concern for your well-being. You don’t want to get stuck in this shop trying strawberry sundaes forever, see. You just want to do it for a limited time.

As for the other… I can’t decide if it might have been improved by an apostrophe in “Sundaes,” and the fact that I’m even pondering that gives me hives.

ETA: Thanks to Chris H. for sending this in!


Written By: admin - Feb• 10•14

Ever heard of  Reckitt Benckiser LLC?

I hadn’t either. But it turns out they’re a pretty big deal. Here are some blurbs from their investor information sheet:


Okay, I put that last bullet in there.

Because one of their products is Mucinex, and aside from one of the grossest “mascots” ever, Mucinex has inflicted this on Kacia and the world:


Can’t we just (make sure that) all (subjects and verbs) get along, Mucinex?

Thanks, Kacia!

But how many did he hand out first?

Written By: admin - Feb• 03•14

That’s the real question, GTS#1. How many of these did your husband hand out before he caught it?


(Yes, this has been heavily altered in Paint, but only to hide relevant info. You’ll just have to take my word for it that David’s company doesn’t have a creepy stretch-face as its logo!)

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