Happy Hannukah!

Written By: admin - Dec• 08•10

As this year’s Festival of Lights draws to a close, Lisa would like to remind all of you to keep your punctuation kosher.

Thanks, Lisa!


Written By: admin - Dec• 06•10

So klassy they went with the ultra-trendy “housemade”… and some renegade spelling!

Gracias, Kacia!

You were there when it happened!

Written By: admin - Dec• 03•10

That’s right, folks — you saw it happen:  the Washington Post invented an entirely new sport!

Thanks, Dave!

Peace on earth, Goodwill to doods!

Written By: admin - Dec• 01•10

Q found this at Goodwill.  I’ll admit that for a while I had no idea that “dood” was supposed to be “food.”

Know this feeling ain’t right…

Written By: admin - Nov• 29•10

Colleen probably didn’t mean to earworm me when she wrote: “Only the onlies belonging to professor may enter.”

Thanks, Colleen… for the photo and for the Roy Orbison!

‘Tis the season for fake gourd pie

Written By: admin - Nov• 24•10

Happy Thanksgiving!  Or should I say “Happy” “Thanksgiving”?

Photo and title credit go to Reporter #1!

Profound question

Written By: admin - Nov• 22•10

Reporter #1 astutely asks, “If the crook is already out, who are we voting for or against?”

I wish I could read that last line, too…

Cannot parse

Written By: admin - Nov• 19•10

These people… will buy your broken laptop?  Or only laptops that are working and not broken?

Marilia sent this one in all the way from San Francisco!

I could really use a wish right now (wish right now, wish right now)

Written By: admin - Nov• 17•10

…’cause I seriously wish “wardbrobe” were a real thing.  What an awesome word.


Thanks, Casey!

Don’t worry, we’ve got this under control.

Written By: admin - Nov• 15•10

You won’t be in ANY danger from harmones.  Whatever those may be.

Thanks, Al.  🙂

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