Healthy moms choose healthy homophones!

Written By: admin - Mar• 21•11

This *headdesk* moment comes to you from Healthy Mom & Baby magazine.


Thanks, Colleen!

Oh deer.

Written By: admin - Mar• 02•11

Sorry, had to balance out the universe.

Thanks to Jason “Lefty” Williams, who found this one… somewhere.  He didn’t even tell me.  The best thing about this picture is that it needed no words.

“Detective” is my middle name

Written By: admin - Feb• 23•11

…or it would be, if I were cool.  Anyway, I really like how sometimes the nature of a given error can tell you something about the person who made the mistake.  Take a look at this one that Meg found, for example.

The person who wrote the copy for this package didn’t use a bad translation program or just make a funny second-language mistake.  Well, I mean, they did, in the clunky word order and conjugation of “freeze-dry.”  But the “plane” instead of “plain” mistake?  To me, that indicates that the author actually spoke passable English.  Someone knew that the word they wanted was “plain,” and just couldn’t figure out how to spell it.  I think that’s neat.

Worth a second pass

Written By: admin - Feb• 14•11

Hard-core, I-liked-it-before-it-was-cool RPBers may remember this picture, which was the second post ever on this blog.  I’ve decided to resurrect it in honor of today’s “holiday.”

Happy Valentine’s Day, people!


Written By: admin - Jan• 21•11

Kudos to Kacia for the perfect title for this post, which she found on

While this obviously makes my teeth hurt, I’m actually *less* disturbed by this than I would be by “your.”  It indicates a sad lack of proofreading and/or spellchecking, but it doesn’t indicate the same obstinate refusal to learn the difference that “your” would have indicated.  So, props to Kaboodle, I guess?


Written By: admin - Sep• 15•10

Reporter #1 happened to find herself at a sociology conference recently.  She says, “We never said we were good at math… Apparently we’re also not good at spelling about math.”


Actually, Reporter #1, the spelling about math is just fine.  The problem is that you didn’t want to be spelling about math right there.  🙂

I can’t headdesk enough.

Written By: admin - Sep• 06•10

Galen sent this one, noting only that one might actually want to flee the fleas.


For the editor who has everything.

Written By: admin - Aug• 25•10

So last week, Reporter #1 actually stopped texting me typos and came in corporeal form to visit me.  It was very exciting.  And although she definitely did not need to do so, she brought me a thank-you card she had made from a typo.


Isn’t it just gorgeous?  Have you ever seen a more perfect thank-you card?  I was all a-squee.  Thanks, Reporter #1!

Where’s Typo?

Written By: admin - Aug• 20•10

Lisa sent this, mysteriously captioned only “Look at the tiny sign.”

Back Camera

For your benefit, I have performed a magic, CSI-like zoom for y’all:

Back Camera

Obviously, the problem is that they’re still using videotape, right, Lisa?

Passed the point of no return

Written By: admin - May• 26•10

John found this little mental workout, and says:

It’s great that our local climbing gym has workshops for women…  But “passed”?


Hey, at least they got the possessive pluralization of “woman” right!

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