“Detective” is my middle name

Written By: admin - Feb• 23•11

…or it would be, if I were cool.  Anyway, I really like how sometimes the nature of a given error can tell you something about the person who made the mistake.  Take a look at this one that Meg found, for example.

The person who wrote the copy for this package didn’t use a bad translation program or just make a funny second-language mistake.  Well, I mean, they did, in the clunky word order and conjugation of “freeze-dry.”  But the “plane” instead of “plain” mistake?  To me, that indicates that the author actually spoke passable English.  Someone knew that the word they wanted was “plain,” and just couldn’t figure out how to spell it.  I think that’s neat.

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  1. Gregm says:

    maybe they meant “planed” coconut, as in “shaved” or “scraped”?

  2. Verdigris says:

    Suspicion seconded.

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