Getting to the root of the matter

Written By: admin - Aug• 07•09

Reporter Q writes:

If this were created by a non-music-related organization, I might
understand (though probably not), but BASE?  Dude.


Thanks, Q!


Written By: admin - Aug• 03•09

This popped up on FailBlog today.  I was pretty sure they’d missed the point… it must have been a story about some sort of marine charity and Prince Harry’s work with it, right?  But a bit of poking around on the internet indicates that it was not intentional.  I even found an un-failed version of the picture.


1.  Not Prince of Whales.

2. Not even Prince of Wales.

(FAILBlog link here, unedited picture found here.)

Follow Monday

Written By: admin - Jul• 27•09

No pic today, but I hope this is worth it for you guys.  I like a good chuckle on my Mondays, personally!

I got this little quip from my friend Robi:

I did find myself thinking of the Brigade when I was walking by the park and saw that someone had chalked a number of large arrows pointing to nearby elm, with the message “BE HIVE IN TREE.” So of course, responsible citizen that I am, I immediately climbed the tree, found a nice branch, and tried to think collective consciousy type thoughts. I actually found it quite difficult. Probably due to the constant stinging.

Robi, whether he wants to admit it or not, is A Writer: often hilarious, even more often disturbing, but always a lot of fun.  For now, the most reliable way for you dear readers to get at Robi’s stuff is to follow him on Twitter. I highly recommend it.

Okay, okay, okay

Written By: admin - Jul• 24•09

Yes yes, I’ve been on vacation, which is why there were no posts this week, and which resulted in the gazillions of emails I’ve received from my loyal readers asking if I was alive.  *coughcough*

ANYWAY… I have some good stuff lined up for next week.  But for today I’m going to steal this from FAILblog, because it clearly belongs here.


An honorary RPB member if I’ve ever seen one… even if s/he did miss the apostrophe issue with “kids software.”

Right on target

Written By: admin - Jun• 19•09

Reporter #1 Sarah found this lovely homophone mishap at a local sportsman’s club.


She quips, “If you want one that’s spelled correctly, though, they cost a dollar.”

No spelling for you!!

Written By: admin - Nov• 20•08

Joey found this one and cleverly asked the young lady to pose for him.


Facebook: My new nemesis

Written By: admin - Apr• 24•08

First of all, Facebook informs me that I can’t have five names.

And now this, courtesy of Kacia.


And while we’re at it… I mean, I know I’m not fluent in most forms of code, but would it be that hard to use the registered gender of each member in context with pronouns? You know, so it doesn’t say “Kacia just changed their picture” and I don’t have to cry?


Written By: admin - Feb• 11•08

I can’t decide whether this makes me want to buy all these cookies and eat them, so they cease to be, or to flee the store and never return.


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