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Written By: admin - Jul• 24•09

Yes yes, I’ve been on vacation, which is why there were no posts this week, and which resulted in the gazillions of emails I’ve received from my loyal readers asking if I was alive.  *coughcough*

ANYWAY… I have some good stuff lined up for next week.  But for today I’m going to steal this from FAILblog, because it clearly belongs here.


An honorary RPB member if I’ve ever seen one… even if s/he did miss the apostrophe issue with “kids software.”

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  1. Mike G. says:

    To be fair, it’s possible that the intent of the “s” on kids is not possessive. It may instead be simple pluralization – the equivalent of saying “creative software for kids.”

    Probably not, as that construction is a bit awkward. But it is plausible.

  2. Cortical Slim says:

    You’re not properly cynical enough- this sign is simply telling you, in no uncertain terms, that these games are *so* fun that they will destroy a child’s ability to think, remember, or express ideas. Not only won’t they know their learning, they probably won’t even know their own names.

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