Written By: admin - Jan• 25•12

SmashBURGER, that is.  Because apparently you guys like to make sure that when I do an RPB post, I get hungry.  Or is it something about food that makes sign-writers less careful?  I mean, in this case, the name of the restaurant is written incorrectly.

Anyway, my father is once again proud to have a use for his smartphone.

I’m given to understand that after photographing this my parents went about the business of eating delicious hamburgers, and didn’t in fact turn green and rip their shirts and pummel things.  But I prefer to imagine it the other way.

I know people who would actually be excited by this.

Written By: admin - Jan• 20•12

Sometimes I don’t know exactly what to write about some of the pictures y’all send in.  And then sometimes I just think the pictures just speak for themselves.

Leah says she’s amused by the concept of a hot smoked meat cocktail.  I have nothing further to add.

Definition of insanity

Written By: admin - Dec• 30•11

I have a new definition of insanity: trying to hold online ads to any kind of standard of… well, anything.  Common decency, common sense, basic grammar, take your pick.  This one only abuses a hyphen, but you know I’m right about the genre.

Reporter #1 fears we should file this under “totally lost causes,” and I’m pretty sure she’s right.

Actual medical advice from an actual medical practitioner

Written By: admin - Dec• 28•11

Okay, so Kacia’s only in medical school, but she’s still totally qualified to point out how excellent this advice is.

I think it’s also probably a good idea to warn people before posting pictures of fences like this, because my personal eyeballs want to explode from the pattern.  But hey, I will suffer through it to provide this valuable service.  Smoking propane is dangerous, kids.  Just say no.

Not even worth it.

Written By: admin - Dec• 21•11

Q found this, and my reaction is mostly “What?”

I’m so busy trying to parse when I could use a Groupon that I barely even notice the totally random capitalization, spacing, punctuation, etc.


*dies* Grammar rant *dies again*

Written By: admin - Nov• 23•11

First! Here is a picture of a bunny chillaxing — or not! — on a CozyWinters small animal heating pad!

That’s the first thing you’ll see on this page,which is apparently where Lisa S. buys nice things for her residents.  And I say “residents” and not “pets” deliberately, because Lisa runs the Atlanta Metro Guinea Pig Rescue, which is always in need of spare cozy things (and spare money) if you have any of the above lying around.  [Please note too that Lisa did NOT ask for this shameless plug, but I’m doing it anyway, because I have a soapbox and I can.]

Anyway, disapproving rabbits aside, Lisa thinks the real hilarity occurs a little further down in the text:

I will admit that I was so amused by “mammal animals” (now added to my mental list of awesome band names!) that I totally missed the “attended” and “reptiltes,” not to mention some peculiar capitalization and debatable punctuation.  PLUS cute bunny.  This is an RPB Good Day.


Written By: admin - Nov• 16•11

Sometimes, even rules don’t make things better.

Chris H. says his wife found this and thought of us.  Thank you, Chris’s wife!  For thinking of us, at least.  I can’t really thank the universe for pointing out that even correctly-followed rules and conventions can sometimes fail to provide clarity.  Sigh.


Written By: admin - Nov• 02•11

To draw attention to this jack so emergency responders know where it is, you’d want “Firefighters: telephone.”  Or, you know, something less stilted, but approximately that.

To explain what this hole is to the average bystander so they don’t stick a pencil in it, you’d want “firefighters’ telephone” or even “firefighters’ telephone jack,” just to make it really clear.

While I’ll concede that perhaps not everybody needs “firefighter” to be a single word (although a quick Google shows me that many actual fire departments agree with me), this is at least bizarre, and probably incorrectly punctuated.

Thanks, Reporter #1!


Written By: admin - Oct• 19•11

This is another one of those typos that is probably totally easy to explain, but points to a frustrating lack of proofreading.

I’m sure that the original typist entered “tagged/towed,” and then noticed the text was aligning improperly and modified it — partially.  And so we end up with a “Paris in the the spring” situation that Kacia L. says she didn’t even notice on any of the “countless” times she’s walked past this sign.  The brain is a funny thing!

Chi. Knees. Restore. Aunt.

Written By: admin - Oct• 13•11

Dave’s comment on this one is “Unnecessary punctuation LOL.”  Um, yes.  Also, Dave came up with the delightful title of this post.  It’s all real words!  It’s just nonsensical!


I’m now going to amuse myself for five minutes or so by contemplating whether this is actually wrong.  It’s certainly annoying, and I’d throw something at it if I had something throwable.  Hmmm.

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