*dies* Grammar rant *dies again*

Written By: admin - Nov• 23•11

First! Here is a picture of a bunny chillaxing — or not! — on a CozyWinters small animal heating pad!

That’s the first thing you’ll see on this page,which is apparently where Lisa S. buys nice things for her residents.  And I say “residents” and not “pets” deliberately, because Lisa runs the Atlanta Metro Guinea Pig Rescue, which is always in need of spare cozy things (and spare money) if you have any of the above lying around.  [Please note too that Lisa did NOT ask for this shameless plug, but I’m doing it anyway, because I have a soapbox and I can.]

Anyway, disapproving rabbits aside, Lisa thinks the real hilarity occurs a little further down in the text:

I will admit that I was so amused by “mammal animals” (now added to my mental list of awesome band names!) that I totally missed the “attended” and “reptiltes,” not to mention some peculiar capitalization and debatable punctuation.  PLUS cute bunny.  This is an RPB Good Day.

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