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Written By: admin - Apr• 30•11

I’ve never done this before, but I’m going to do it now, because I’m all kinds of emotionally invested in this one. I’m going to use my grammar and writing blog for something other than mocking people’s bad grammar and writing.

This is Emma.

Emma belongs to a woman named Marsha Weaver, owner of a little business called The Cozy Cavy. Marsha makes beds and other accessories for small animals and donates a massive amount of time and money (and beds and accessories!) to small-animal rescue groups around the world.  Marsha’s also an adopter of many homeless small animals, like Emma.

Last Wednesday, Marsha’s house in Alabama was utterly destroyed in a tornado.  Miraculously, the Weavers all survived.  And they’ve even found a few of their furry friends alive, including Emma.   But many more little guys are missing or dead.  And the Weavers themselves have nothing but each other.

I only know Marsha through the animal rescue community, but I’ve been delighted to watch as that very community has come together to help Marsha get back on her feet.  She’s donated so much time and money to these little animals, and now the animals (via their people!) have the chance to give back.

If you were thinking of donating to the rescue/rebuilding efforts in Alabama, your donation to our Marsha-fund would be greatly appreciated.  (Also note that the linked-to blog is a fabulous place to drop your feel-good donations on a REGULAR month, if you like little animals…)


(And if you’d like a better-written account of the whole scenario, check out this blog!)


Written By: admin - Apr• 12•11

It’s the middle of the month (is too.  Play along.), and I’m bored, and… new Robi-banner!  This is the second of the several Robi the Awesome gave me for my birthday.  Enjoy!

Happy blog update!

Written By: admin - Feb• 16•11

Today is my birthday.  I say this not in any attempt to solicit good wishes — I’ve already had tons of those from fabulous friends and family! — but to explain the change in the blog’s banner.  My friend Robi, who lists among his many talents a graphic design sensibility I simply do not have, gave me the coolest birthday present he could possibly have given me: a set of re-designed banners!  So I’m starting with this one, and I’ll change them out over the next couple of weeks now and then.  Enjoy!


Written By: admin - Dec• 23•10

I’m going to take a deep breath and stop red-penning things until the New Year.  More painful punctuation and spew-inducing spelling in 2011!


Written By: admin - Dec• 09•10

I’m going on vacation!  I will be armed with a camera and on the lookout for good bloopers, so keep sending yours in!  Back next week.

Monday bonus link!

Written By: admin - Aug• 09•10

Here’s a fun little article for those of you who are all “It’s a LIVING LANGUAGE whine whine whine.”  Which, incidentally, includes me, but hey.

50 Funniest Pop Culture Sayings That Made it to the Dictionary

Now THIS is what I’m talking about.

Written By: admin - Sep• 14•09

Occasionally, something that might otherwise be considered an error simply brings me great joy.  I found this perfect example at an Asian imports grocery this weekend.



I mean, honestly:  don’t you wish all eggs were kindly eggs?

Tuesday special report!

Written By: admin - Aug• 04•09

So it occurs to me that I, you know, own this blog, and so I can write about things, right?  And you have to read them.  Okay, don’t challenge my deeply-held delusions.

ANYWAY:  I had this dream in which I was in a parking lot near a very small town and suddenly this bus that was there, not moving, flipped over.  Inside the bus was a guy, but I couldn’t assess how injured he might be, and I discovered that I had no cell phone.

I ran back to the town and suddenly this dream became that one where you really have to make a phone call and for some reason you can’t.  (Please tell me other people have this dream;  I have it all the time.) I kept dialing 119 instead of 911, or the line was messed up, or someone wouldn’t get off the phone, etc.  It was very frustrating.

Finally I realized I could just walk to the tiny town’s police station and tell them about the accident, so I did.  The cop assured me they’d known about the accident for half an hour.  Unfortunately, the bus driver had died, but they knew it wasn’t my fault.  To demonstrate this, they gave me a copy of his death certificate.

And y’all?  That death certificate was riddled with typos.

I cannot, at this moment, remember a single one of those typos.  But I do remember what dream-me thought in that moment.  I thought, “Whoa, that is so going up on Red Pen Brigade tomorrow.”

So see?  I love y’all, even when I’m unconscious!

Follow Monday

Written By: admin - Jul• 27•09

No pic today, but I hope this is worth it for you guys.  I like a good chuckle on my Mondays, personally!

I got this little quip from my friend Robi:

I did find myself thinking of the Brigade when I was walking by the park and saw that someone had chalked a number of large arrows pointing to nearby elm, with the message “BE HIVE IN TREE.” So of course, responsible citizen that I am, I immediately climbed the tree, found a nice branch, and tried to think collective consciousy type thoughts. I actually found it quite difficult. Probably due to the constant stinging.

Robi, whether he wants to admit it or not, is A Writer: often hilarious, even more often disturbing, but always a lot of fun.  For now, the most reliable way for you dear readers to get at Robi’s stuff is to follow him on Twitter. I highly recommend it.

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