Things that should not be

Written By: admin - Aug• 29•13

Today in things that shouldn’t exist: this signage on the door of a library. A library, people.

Thanks for sending (and waiting an age!), Reporter #1!

Your zen moment for this Wednesday

Written By: admin - Mar• 20•13

I just don’t even with this one.

Reporter #1 notes “It’s not just the weirdness, it’s the inconsistency.”

You certainly have a point, Reporter #1. But it’s also the weirdness. I’m so confused. Does anybody have any light to shed on this?

All KINDS of exciting possibilities going on here

Written By: admin - Mar• 15•13

Eric A. found this sticker in his lab. That’s right, his lab, where dangerous things occur… things like WEAR-EYE and BODY PROTECTION. Also FACE.

You want to be very, very careful in a place like this, Eric. Stay safe.

Red Pen Gold Star

Written By: admin - Feb• 25•13

Katie says she noticed this sign, then went back and bought a cup of coffee just to get a picture of it. That’s dedication, peeps.

Katie was especially confused by the “understand our willing.” Because yeah.

I hope that coffee was good, Katie!

Semantics matter!

Written By: admin - Feb• 20•13

I’m sure we’ve all seen that fun Facebook post about eating Grandma because of a misplaced comma. And of course we’re all familiar with Eats, Shoots and Leaves. But there’s more to consider in copy-editing than just punctuation.

The official White House Twitter feed would like to provide us with an example.

Eagle-eyed submitter Chris S. points out that David Axelrod probably doesn’t actually support epilepsy. 140 characters or not, this was dumb. Good catch, Chris!

Don’t think about this too literally

Written By: admin - Feb• 06•13

…you might barf. Because, as Laura notes, “Mmmm, cultured milk fat.”

Beyond the disgusting logistics of pure milk fat, I am delighted with this example of VERIZONMATH. No, I will never tire of linking to that. 0% non fat just reminds me of .05 cents!

C’mon, Chobani, you can do better than this.


Atlanta =/= Lilliput

Written By: admin - Oct• 19•12

My father snapped this one at the Atlanta Zoo last week, and sent it on to me with the gleeful caption, “Atlanta must be populated with short adults!”

Looks okay to me…?

Written By: admin - Oct• 17•12

My mother says this has been bothering her for five years. Now it can bother all of us!


It is true that my mother didn’t actually photograph the sink. But I assume from her annoyed e-mail that the sink is just fine, not missing any limbs or profoundly traumatized in any way. So this is just another eye-roll-inducing example of people using adjectives as nouns to dismiss issues. Sigh.

Zen Monday.

Written By: admin - Oct• 15•12

Submitted without comment.

The awesome Lefty found this one at a hotel during his travels. Thank him by checking out his music!

I think Mayor Bloomberg would approve.

Written By: admin - Oct• 08•12

Kicking off a full week of submissions from GrammarTroika sister #1, we have something that will make you hungry. Or nauseate you. You pick!

Colleen notes,

Apparently Jack in the Box “requirs” I.D. for certain transactions. This is one label, so not one of those situations where the letter fell off. Someone actually typed it this way, read it and thought “nailed it,” before posting to the menu board.

I also appreciate the redundancy & incorrect abbreviation of $15.00 DLS. Fifteen dollars dollars, y’all!

I’m with you on both counts, Colleen.

Personally, I’m also hung up on the fact that this signage very clearly informs me that Jack in the Box¬† requires ID before you can purchase bacon cheddar fries. Maybe not a bad idea!

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