I think Mayor Bloomberg would approve.

Written By: admin - Oct• 08•12

Kicking off a full week of submissions from GrammarTroika sister #1, we have something that will make you hungry. Or nauseate you. You pick!

Colleen notes,

Apparently Jack in the Box “requirs” I.D. for certain transactions. This is one label, so not one of those situations where the letter fell off. Someone actually typed it this way, read it and thought “nailed it,” before posting to the menu board.

I also appreciate the redundancy & incorrect abbreviation of $15.00 DLS. Fifteen dollars dollars, y’all!

I’m with you on both counts, Colleen.

Personally, I’m also hung up on the fact that this signage very clearly informs me that Jack in the Box¬† requires ID before you can purchase bacon cheddar fries. Maybe not a bad idea!

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