YES! Me too!!

Written By: admin - Oct• 05•12

Colleen (yep, again) says this is one of her pet peeves. This error falls cleanly into the “if it has more syllables, it makes me sound more educated” school of word-selection, and… yeah.

This error is one that I heard DAILY in my former workplace. Employees would regularly talk about “servicing” students, when they meant “serving” students. I was on a one woman crusade to eradicate phase. Why? First there is the connotation of the phrase “servicing our students.” Squick*. Then there is the cold hard grammar:

Servicing:  present participle of serv·ice
1. Perform routine maintenance or repair work on (a vehicle or machine).
2.Supply and maintain systems for public utilities and transportation and communications in (an area): “the town is small but well serviced”.
1. The act of one that serves.
Well, All-Met Recycling, you have been called out. On a shiny digital gadget of some sort, no less!
*Confused? The connotation to which Colleen refers means the thing Inara does in Mal’s lonely pathetic dreams.**
**You think I’d pass up an opportunity to quote Firefly? My days of not taking you seriously are certainly coming to a middle.

Emergency RPB post!

Written By: admin - Oct• 04•12

That’s the subject line of an e-mail I received last night from my father. And he was not wrong! Below please find my mother’s birthday cake.

First of all, my mother’s name is Helen.

…Just kidding. Her name is actually Marjorie. But that is not how you spell Marjorie.

I love thinking of my parents opening the box and thinking, “Quick, go get the camera! We have to send this to Alden!”

Delay tactics

Written By: admin - Oct• 01•12

Reporter #1 was paying close attention while downloading her very important software, apparently, and now worries that iTunes might not be very good at math.

I think this is the digital equivalent of the perky hold voice assuring you that your call is very important and also next. We all know we’re not next, because we’ve been next for eleventy hours. But we like to be deceived, because otherwise we would have to gouge out our eyeballs with our phone receiver. (Hurts even more than a spoon!)

Seven steps doesn’t sound like that many. If they told you there were actually eleventy steps, you might reconsider the importance of your very important software!

Reporter #1 Goes On Vacation

Written By: admin - Aug• 10•12

As always, I can mostly leave this post up to Reporter #1 herself. First, a picture from Johnston Ridge Observatory at Mt. St. Helens.

The ants go marching one by one, hoorah, hoorah. The ants go marching one by one, hoorah, hoorah! The ants go marching one by one until the side of their mountain fell down and then it erupted in a way that geologists and vulcanologists had totally not anticipated, leading to the loss of 57 lives and the biggest landslide ever recorded. So that’s why there’s a monumant.

Actually, Reporter #1, you might be having too much fun with this.

I got nothing. I’m just sad.

That’s more like it.

I got things! Sorry, thing’s. My favorite is the list of good and bad attributes at the bottom, which lead me to believe that this workplace would be approximately my personal nightmare. Also, Manager who likes to Give Direction, Randomly Capitalize, and Never Let Your Employees Take Breaks? “Unlike” is not the word you wanted. Ahem.

My real issue is indecision.

Written By: admin - Mar• 02•12

In other news, I’m adding a new category:  Bathrooms.

But seriously, folks, what gives?  Does one need to use a possessive with restrooms or not?  I’d find “Men Restroom” awkward in a vacuum, but when paired with “Womens Restroom,” which appears to be possessive, if incorrectly punctuated, it’s just too confusing for this early in the morning.


Written By: admin - Feb• 29•12

“Picktures” is pretty straightforward.  (You can’t see it, but they were apparently made out of “papper.”)

But… is “fish bate” a thing?  See, it was definitely advertised as if it were a thing to eat, so it isn’t “bait” misspelled.  And I have no other idea what it could be.   Pâté?

The Food Network makes me sad. And hungry. And sad.

Written By: admin - Feb• 21•12

We love Chopped.  It’s a fun show and we feel adventurous and cultured and foodie-esque when we watch it.

We love Ted Allen.  He wears fun footwear and injects exactly the right amount of host into his game show.

We also love the Arabic language, which is written in a cursive style always.  I mean, it’s also good if you don’t completely misspell things (see previous post), but people working in foreign languages have been known to misspell things.  It’s less understandable how this could happen, repeatedly, again, some more.

June 2011:

January 2012:

Again, the problem is that they have weirdly used block letters rather than, you know, writing this word properly.  That is, this: should look like this: 

But I suppose that given what they did to molokhia last May, I should be grateful that they got the right-to-left right.

Zen and the art of preserving the future which is our past.

Written By: admin - Feb• 20•12

I found this one at Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park, which is really lovely.  It has a lovely little museum and lovely hiking and lovely things to look at.  Here, I’ll set the mood for you with some pictures I took.

The view from the top of the mountain, facing north to Tennessee:

…and looking south to Atlanta.

A miserable schnauzer who does not like hiking, even if the path is lovely.

Oops, sorry, I was trying to put you in a contemplative state of mind so you could properly appreciate this.


Faith and disgust, Consumer Reports style

Written By: admin - Feb• 17•12

Reporter #1 found this on the Consumer Reports website (a direct link requires a subscription).

I have nothing further to say about this nonsense.

I like your circles, Reporter #1.  I’d add some where we learn the microwave offers “excellent at” and “very good at” things.

Higher standards for some people

Written By: admin - Feb• 10•12

Colleen sent this in, and I thank her.  It’s pretty clearly a typo, and while I certainly agree that one should proofread pamphlets before paying to have them published, I don’t feel like I have to worry that the author actually thinks this is correct.


This pamphlet is from a health center, where students go to have their health issues addressed.  And it occurs to me that one place where a missing zero can make a pretty big difference, it’s in the medical field.  I’d like my zero back, please.

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