Unintentionally correct

Written By: admin - Oct• 28•13

Honestly, consulting a professional might have been a good idea… for the makers of this label.


Thanks for the tip, GrammarTroika Sister #1!

Fighting the good fight!

Written By: admin - Oct• 25•13

The bad news is: this exists in the world. The good news is: so do RPB allies!


Thanks for sharing the disaster and the optimism, Michael!


Breaking news!

Written By: admin - Oct• 23•13

Happening now over here at this link!


Good job, HLN. You don’t need the comma before “Prince George,” and if we want to be really pedantic, the Archbishop didn’t sprinkle water on the infant but rather onto him. And that’s aside from the very, very obvious.

October pink violation

Written By: admin - Oct• 23•13

I have issues with the concept of “awareness” as a fundraising goal, especially after everybody is totally aware of the issue. But even if you’re going to argue in favor of awareness, there are legit awareness organizations and less-legit ones.

And then there are people who sell sweatshirts on signs on the highway.


This is a bad sign in terms of its quality, but I’m pretty sure it’s also a bad sign in terms of where your money is going to go…

Yes. I mean no.

Written By: admin - Oct• 17•13

When I opened Kacia’s email the picture opened in a slightly-larger-than-thumbnail version and I could only see “Gyro Bar.” That made me hungry.

Then I zoomed in.


Now I’m not hungry any more.

(Okay… that’s a total lie. I’d eat some tzaziki with a spoon. But my point stands.)

Enough is enough

Written By: admin - Oct• 15•13

We all know that Facebook is not a good place to whip out your metaphorical red pen — unless you want to spend the rest of your life there and go slowly crazy. But Jake had to send this in, because when things occur this close together, it’s a sign.


A sign… of the APOCALYPSE.

Thanks, Jake!


My kind of people. Maybe.

Written By: admin - Sep• 18•13

Eric A. found this at Carnegie Mellon and kindly thought of RPB.


See, I’m okay with abbreviations on Twitter.* They’re kind of necessary.** So I can understand a little abbreviation liberty in media about Twitter.

But I really, really don’t like “fav” as an abbreviation for “favorite.” I get it, but I also like the laws of standard phonics, and “fav” is pronounced to rhyme with “have.” That abbreviation needs an “e,” and fast, or my eyes will start to bleed.

…or they would have done! If it weren’t for our kindred spirit on the loose in the area. Of course this person seems to be even more of a purist than I am. But hey, I’ll take what I can get.

On a roll!

Written By: admin - Sep• 16•13

GrammarTroika Sister #4 doesn’t just EXIST, y’all, she’s on a ROLL.

At least, she’s manning the camera manfully while GTS#3 organizes the submissions and quips “I assume they meant to say ‘split fryer.'”

You know what they say about people who ASSUME things, GTS#3. That is, they say that people who assume things end up eating chicken that was dumped on the floor by a British kitchen worker with a penchant for scrupulous honesty. Mmmmm floor germs.


Written By: admin - Sep• 13•13

…it turns out there is a GrammarTroika Sister #4!! I can’t even. Why her three sisters didn’t point this out when I named them the GrammarTROIKA is the question. Demerits! Demerits for everybody!

Anyway, it’s way too late to rename them, so here we go with a submission from GrammarTroika Sister #3 (who is, it appears, actually the oldest, but was the third whose acquaintance I made, so there) as photographed by GrammarTroika Sister #4.

I’ve highlighted the obvious oops, but the rest of this pushes my buttons too. I’d like to add some commas and change some capitalization. But most of all, I’d like to point out that this sign is timey-wimey. I kind of feel like if you’re going to post about something happening URGENTLY, you might want to take the signs down sometime in the next five years. But maybe that’s just me.

Also, confidential to GrammarTroika Sister #4: Hello! And welcome to the cult!

The new American dream

Written By: admin - Sep• 09•13

Take it away, GrammarTroika #1!

This story is the embodiment of the American spirit. It is a story of the refusal to back down, despite the odds being stacked against you. Perseverance. Fortitude. An unwavering commitment to good grammar.

For MONTHS, I have been wanting a photo of this banner, but I am usually the driver on this stretch of highway, so no dice. I have even contemplated pulling over just to snap a photo. Alas, I had to just hope and wait for a time when I was not the driver as I passed this banner and would not be risking life and limb (and “cell phone in hand while driving” ticket).

On this past Saturday, FINALLY, I was the passenger! It was an American dream come true. Feast your eyes on this, my patriotic friends.

That’s right folks: Keep American Working!


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