No explanation.

Written By: admin - Sep• 06•13

You’re designing the tags for hundreds of garments. This is when you make up a word?

Thanks for sharing the outrage, Reporter #1.

Another futile yawp

Written By: admin - Sep• 05•13

Thought this might be relevant to your interests.

Yours in calling out gigantic multinational corporations on their poor grammar,


I’ve given up on this one, Shannon M. I think we have to reconcile ourselves to these. 🙁

Picky, but thorough

Written By: admin - Sep• 04•13

Kacia is on a roll with submissions (over the last six months!). She even did some research for this one.

I should note that Kemps is properly non-apostrophized here, but that’s no excuse for misspelling premium!

A little note I just sent

Written By: admin - Sep• 03•13
Dear Dragon*Con,

“Lie” is an intransitive verb that does not need an object. “Lay” is a transitive verb requiring an object.

These signs have been wrong every year since I started attending.
Attached is a picture taken yesterday.
Please, please, PLEASE fix this before next year. Dragon*Con is about welcoming and celebrating all kinds of geekery — please don’t make the grammar geeks among us feel left out!

A reach too far

Written By: admin - Aug• 30•13

First of all, I’m not sure what Menards is doing here. I would have said “type” of wood, because that’s a good, solid, no-nonsense kind of word. I think they were aiming for “species,” which would have felt awkward even if they had gotten it right.

(For the curious: “specie” is actually a word, so this may have slipped past some spellcheck software. But it doesn’t relate to wood in any way.)

Of course, one can’t expect much from YET ANOTHER company that can’t spell its own name. That’s right, Menards. I even read your “about” history page. And John Menard is ONE GUY, and I don’t see a mention anywhere of sons or cousins or even furkids. Argh!

Your tax dollars at work.

Written By: admin - Aug• 28•13

Once again: if you are going to spend money to print something that is going to hang in public, don’t you read it first?

Thanks, Davery.

Buy our books, we totally proofread them.

Written By: admin - Aug• 27•13

I guess because they’re out loud, you don’t need to worry about punctuation. But the difference between “you” and “your” is still an issue.

Thanks, Michael!

It’s springtime!

Written By: admin - Apr• 12•13

…and as we all know, spring is about capriciousness. With weather, for example, but also with capitalization, as Q has discovered on Atlanta’s own MARTA.

Arrrgh. Which is obviously what the gentleman with the painful back is saying. And speaking of that gentleman, this is a great opportunity to suggest that you all trot over to one of my favorite blogs, Sociological Images, and check out their excellent posts on default avatars and avatars who parent. (Their other posts are cool, too.)

Relay submission!

Written By: admin - Apr• 08•13

Diane (hi, Diane!) found this one, and texted it to GrammarTroika Sister #1, who sent it to me.

Better yet, Diane captioned it “Bad peanut! You can’t leave your shell!”

I think we like Diane. Also, I think I’d like some Pad Thai!

How not to get my money, part 2

Written By: admin - Mar• 29•13

I wish this were an April Fool’s joke, y’all.

I will stipulate at the very beginning here that I know Mamasource is just a deal broker, and that their… er, creative writing is not to be blamed on the actual product distributor. But my understanding about other deal-brokering sites is that the ads are approved by the companies in question. If that’s not the case here, it needs to be. (Are you listening, Sproutkin?)

Yes, people, that’s right: this product, when given to your pre-literate children, will help he or she to achieve milestones.

Milestones like becoming President of the United States, maybe? I’m sorry, I can’t help it, this ad just totally reminds me of our 43rd President and his “You teach a child to read, and he or her will be able to pass a literacy test” doozie. But at least that was spoken aloud by a man who famously disliked teleprompters. This, presumably, was vetted by advertising professionals.


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