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Written By: admin - Feb• 25•13

Katie says she noticed this sign, then went back and bought a cup of coffee just to get a picture of it. That’s dedication, peeps.

Katie was especially confused by the “understand our willing.” Because yeah.

I hope that coffee was good, Katie!


Written By: admin - Feb• 21•13

I love Passive-Aggressive Notes most of the time. But as I read this note I realized they were way off. (Click photo for original website.)

This isn’t pedantry; it’s therapy. I think those of us wearing our RPB badges can totally empathize with Lowly Undergrad, who must have suffered for years before writing this.

Semantics matter!

Written By: admin - Feb• 20•13

I’m sure we’ve all seen that fun Facebook post about eating Grandma because of a misplaced comma. And of course we’re all familiar with Eats, Shoots and Leaves. But there’s more to consider in copy-editing than just punctuation.

The official White House Twitter feed would like to provide us with an example.

Eagle-eyed submitter Chris S. points out that David Axelrod probably doesn’t actually support epilepsy. 140 characters or not, this was dumb. Good catch, Chris!

I love that we all double-check

Written By: admin - Feb• 18•13

We don’t want to believe the worst of our fellows. When we see an error, we want to believe it was an accident, a typo, a momentary oversight. That’s the impulse that drove Colleen to check, but she says every single decal on this truck was the same.

SADFACE, our faith in humanity is once again shattered!


I should know better by now

Written By: admin - Feb• 15•13

So I get this email from Kacia, with the subject line “Cute ad, but…” The email includes nothing else but this picture.


So I’m killing my eyeballs trying to read the mini-print, and then I’m thinking, Is she pointing out the hideous capitalization? Because it’s not to my taste, but it’s pretty clearly an editorial decision, and I’ve always said I don’t take issue with consistent, clear editorial decisions like that.

So I have decided to unfortunately pass on this submission, and I click the little “next” button, and there’s another email from Kacia! And the subject line of this email is “…one flaw.” And this photo allows us to ZOOMHANCE!


We could be contrary and wonder whether this illustrious shopping place, which does seem to have quite a wide variety of offerings, might not actually have a store selling sand, tumbleweeds, camels, and whatnot. But Kacia assures me that there is no such establishment, and I will take her word for it.

Everybody everywhere EARWORM

Written By: admin - Feb• 13•13

Tell me you don’t have Ace of Base stuck in your head now. No? Just me? *old*

GrammarTroika Sister #1 Colleen says she sees a perfect logic in this neologism. I get the logic, but it still makes my teeth hurt. As does the random spacing and capitalization.


Don’t think about this too literally

Written By: admin - Feb• 06•13

…you might barf. Because, as Laura notes, “Mmmm, cultured milk fat.”

Beyond the disgusting logistics of pure milk fat, I am delighted with this example of VERIZONMATH. No, I will never tire of linking to that. 0% non fat just reminds me of .05 cents!

C’mon, Chobani, you can do better than this.


It’s Friday, have at it.

Written By: admin - Jan• 27•13

(I’ll start by noting that it’s Friday in your world. In my world, it’s more like a warped and twisted version of a Sunday. But we’ll let that go for now.)

Way back when I wasn’t posting, in October, Lisa found this and was outraged. But this is one of those posts that doesn’t raise my hackles.

Now, Lisa also noted that the woman on the left is Beth, and the woman on the right is Page. I am annoyed that her name is spelled that way, and that the company isn’t named BethPage, which just suits my aesthetic better. But the nonsense doesn’t annoy me much.

Talk amongst yourselves.


Written By: admin - Jan• 24•13

This is a link to someone else’s post, because it is that excellent.

Go check out a little piece called Brid food sign tells a story of retail woe at BoingBoing!

(thanks to Bill to flagging this up!)

The burgers look good, but that’s about it.

Written By: admin - Oct• 24•12

Apparently, USA Today ranked this place’s burger #1 in Minnesota. But Kacia would like to give them a thumbs-down on punctuation. She’s also frustrated that “rootbeer” is one word.

Obviously Messrs Casper and Runyon subscribe to the apostrophe-after-a-vowel school of apostrophe usage, as they haven’t bothered using one in “floats” or “malts.” But as we all know, this school of thought is WRONG.

As for “rootbeer”? Well, the squiggly red line is telling me that’s wrong. But funnily enough, it doesn’t upset my stomach. In fact I find it far more disquieting to stop and think about root beer being made out of roots. It’s kind of like mincemeat: one of those words you just shouldn’t over-analyze. But technically, you’re right, Kacia, it’s two strikes. Let’s hope the burger wasn’t a third!

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