I should know better by now

Written By: admin - Feb• 15•13

So I get this email from Kacia, with the subject line “Cute ad, but…” The email includes nothing else but this picture.


So I’m killing my eyeballs trying to read the mini-print, and then I’m thinking, Is she pointing out the hideous capitalization? Because it’s not to my taste, but it’s pretty clearly an editorial decision, and I’ve always said I don’t take issue with consistent, clear editorial decisions like that.

So I have decided to unfortunately pass on this submission, and I click the little “next” button, and there’s another email from Kacia! And the subject line of this email is “…one flaw.” And this photo allows us to ZOOMHANCE!


We could be contrary and wonder whether this illustrious shopping place, which does seem to have quite a wide variety of offerings, might not actually have a store selling sand, tumbleweeds, camels, and whatnot. But Kacia assures me that there is no such establishment, and I will take her word for it.

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