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Written By: admin - Oct• 08•09

NOTE:  This post has been updated to include Al’s original picture, as per his comment below.  Sorry, Al!

Al found this “two-fer of failure,” to use his words.  But I don’t know.  I’m in such a good mood after my earlier complete capitulation to evolving rules of punctuation that I almost want to be generous here.


It’s possible that this is a sign for, say, a play entitled “Dialogues on the Plague of the 80s,” which is known by its more colloquial title “Hearing AIDS.”  Of course, in that case, we have a capitalization error.  So I give up.

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  1. Al Przygocki says:

    I left a comment, but it appears to have gone unsaved.

    The “two-fer” was based on there being a second sign in the same picture. That sign is for QUEENS NAILS. Since this picture was taken in Atlanta, we can likely rule out the borough of Queens as an influence on the name. I believe it should be either Queen’s Nails (owned by someone named Queen or a female monarch) or The Queen’s Nails (owned or catering to a female monarch and her nails) or Queens’ Nails (catering to multiple female monarchs (some of whom may dubious claims to the throne).

    In addition, I would like to point out that “But I don’t know.” is not in fact a valid sentence. 😛

  2. Alden says:

    You are absolutely right that it’s not a two-fer without the “Queens,” I just wasn’t thinking on that. D’oh! (“D’oh” is an actual word in the OED, but I’m sure you knew that.) As for starting a sentence with “but”? Of course that’s not a valid sentence. This is a blog. I’m not paying to create signs. I’m pretty sure “Wazzup!” isn’t a real word either and I’ve used that at least once here. I think I’ve even said “OMG” once or twice. I differentiate between a conversational style and crappy grammar! 😛

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