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Written By: admin - Jun• 14•10

Galen says:

This is posted above the fish tank at my school. It replaced a sign that said essentially the same thing, it just didn’t have the interesting punctuation. I will say that this new sign manages to attract my attention every time I go by (but not in a good way).


So we have the obvious quotation-mark abuse, random capitalization, and one that’s annoying me a lot recently.  I see the “hyphen-preposition” construction a lot on the web, as in “log-on” or “sign-in.”  I understand that one would want to hyphenate if one were modifying a noun, such as “sign-in sheet” or “log-in process.”  But I’m far more likely to see “please log-in now,” which I hate.  And now we see that phenomenon expanding to fish tanks.  What’s next, people??  What’s next?

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  1. Gregm says:

    Does having this happen with fish tanks mean that the problem is scaling up?

  2. Alden says:


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