Reporter #1 has sent you an Errors! Send them one back!

Written By: admin - Jun• 16•10

Reporter #1 is back with this troubling submission.

She quips, “I suppose grammatical errors go along with writing an application that only works as intended half the time.”

Now that’s where I draw the line, Reporter #1.  Nobody insults FarmVille on this blog.  Just because I have cut myself off in order to get some sleep doesn’t mean I’m going to let you knock that sweet, sweet harvesting, opening all those thrilling gifts, or struggling to build buildings that subsequently serve no redeemable purpose.  In fact — [WHOA THERE, FARMER! YOUR BLOG IS OUT OF SYNC WITH THE GAME.  CLICK “OKAY” TO REFRESH.]

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  1. Reporter #1 says:

    Fine, then I’m not sending you ANY MORE DOG TREATS!

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