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Written By: admin - Aug• 27•10

I could make several individual posts out of the pictures I took at a single store this weekend.  But I won’t, because that feels like cheating.  So here we go.


The best part about this one was that it was a copy.  They’d copied it and posted it all over one end of the store, an exuberant festival of abused apostrophes and quotation marks.




I’m willing to give points for consistency.  If you want to argue that you’re going to just preface every single “s” with an apostrophe — I mean, you’d be wrong, but at least you’d be consistent.  Similarly if you argued that pluralization should occur with apostrophes: still wrong, but some points.  I’d even accept an (incorrect) argument that nouns that end in the singular with a vowel, like “sample,” require an apostrophe for pluralization, whereas those ending with consonants don’t.  But why on earth would you pluralize “sample” and “cap” with an apostrophe and NOT “box”?

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  1. Jessica says:

    Because it’s an -es rather than -s pluralization . . . duh! 😀

  2. Hanna says:

    Maybe because they think everything is pluralized by -es, so the apostrophe in ‘s is indicating that you’re leaving out the e.

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