Multiple personalities?

Written By: admin - Feb• 09•11

There is nothing wrong with this picture.

But there are two sides to every… er, pen-thing.

And yes, I think they were both written by the same person.  That’s a pretty distinctive capital E.

So we have two options.  Option A:  This person suddenly and randomly decided to change both capitalization styles and their understanding of apostrophes after doing the (correct) first side.  It’s good to mix it up!  Or Option B:  This person did not understand apostrophes, received a quick blow to the upside of the head from a colleague, did the second side correctly, and was too lazy or busy to re-do the first side.  Not sure which is funnier.

Thanks, Q!

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  1. Gregm says:

    Or option C: The person wasn’t sure about the rules, and tried to cover all of the bases figuring that it was better to be right *some* of the time than never.

  2. Rayanne says:

    I like your original response when I forwarded it to you. “Close enough for government work!” For those not in the know, this was a pen that was at my local post office.

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