Is… a puzzlement.

Written By: admin - Feb• 16•11

Have I used that subject before?  Whatever, I don’t care.  Any day is better with a little Yul Brenner in it, even if his appearance is only in my head.

This is from Kacia, who has written up her own description of the situation for y’all.  Take it away, Kacia!

The Chinese herbs aisle at our local Asian grocery is always a bit mysterious. There are all sorts of bags and boxes with strange combinations of dried things inside, and they are often labeled with what ailment the contents are meant to treat, rather than what’s actually in the package. Not that it would matter, since most of the writing is in Chinese anyway.  This one just says “Chinese products” on the front!

Oh, but wait–what’s that at the bottom? Oh, it’s “soup stock (for hicken woup)”! Of course!

Perfectly reasonable, Kacia!

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  1. Galen says:

    I also like that they list the calories in grams. “316.2 grams” of calories. Awesome.

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