First-time doozy!

Written By: admin - Feb• 18•11

This is Lisa S.’s first submission to RPB, and we love it!

This is one of those that just gets me right here, you know?  I mean, this went through multiple people.  Either the store owner commissioned it this way and the sign-maker didn’t correct it, or the sign-maker did it this way and the store owner didn’t know or care enough to demand that it be fixed.  Money was spent on this, people.

Brava, Lisa!

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  1. Nolan says:

    Maybe they realized it and got it for free since it was wrong. Maybe.

  2. Verdigris says:

    My guess- not quite enough space for the whole thing- just look at that brutal kerning and smooshed together ‘sameday.’ And when they simply couldn’t squish any more characters in- vowel triage time. Later this signmaker would go on to blaze trails in the frontiers of txt spk, and inspire the creation of Twitter.

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